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Posted April 1st, 2009 by justBcoz in Websites, WordPress
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Sir G finally got his A into G and created his very own WordPress theme to relaunch his blog! He did good. Go say hello (Yes, that’s me at the bottom wah!) Shit. I’d better get *my* A into G now and get cracking on my own theme!

Posted March 6th, 2009 by justBcoz in Work

Yeah … Cape Town is BLAZING! And, erm, just how the hell am I supposed to work with *this* in the office, huh?

Posted February 12th, 2009 by justBcoz in Friends and Family

*********************************************************************** THE BIRTHDAY BOY TODAY

Posted November 24th, 2008 by justBcoz in Out and About
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Oh my lawd … today has been NUTS!! And it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any less busy (quite the opposite in fact) until we close for our Christmas break. Anyway, I promised that I’d write about my FABULOUS weekend away in Durban, so here goes … Do you know what made this [...]

Posted October 29th, 2008 by justBcoz in Out and About
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Oh dear … Sir G and I headed off last night to a little restaurant called Yum, in Vredehoek, to hook up with FeistyFemale and some other wonderful people to celebrate her big two-five birthday. Lekka! And it was … for a while. We got there, greeted the gorgeous Bev (looking quite spectacular in her [...]

Posted October 26th, 2008 by justBcoz in Life at Home, Work
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I have NO idea why I’m up this early on a Sunday! Anyway, I guess it’s not a bad thing – I have quite a mission on my hands today, what with sorting out some new office space for Chris and Sir G to work with me here in the dining room. I’ve run out [...]