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Posted August 19th, 2008 by justBcoz in Rants
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I know I *shouldn’t* feel like this, but I honestly don’t know what the point of me being in another “Family Session” is … not after what happened yesterday. I feel like telling them to call me when they’re actually ready to hear me. Do my feelings and experiences really count for nothing? If they [...]

Posted August 18th, 2008 by justBcoz in Personal
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Well, that was bloody awful! I’m back from the Family Session at the clinic and surprise, surprise … I’m a complete wreck. Eish … *Apparently* my feelings or opinions count for sweet fuckall. I sat there during the session while stuff was being said, some of it untrue, and when I was asked about how [...]

Posted August 17th, 2008 by justBcoz in Personal
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I’ve just had a long chat with Son#1, about what he needs from his dad and I and also, what he doesn’t want from us. What he needs is for us to “get our shit together”. What he doesn’t want is for the two of us to get into a conflict over what happened in [...]

Posted August 16th, 2008 by justBcoz in Personal
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Mmk, so we have 2 more Family Sessions coming up at the clinic – one on Monday and one on Tuesday. In light of the fact that I really struggle to talk at these things and because I’ve failed to open my mouth when I’ve heard some bullshit being spoken, I have decided to go [...]

Posted August 6th, 2008 by justBcoz in Personal
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We have just reached a point where the pieces don’t fit anymore … By mutual decision and agreement, Sir G and I have extricated ourselves from a personal relationship that is not doing either of us any good right now. We each feel that we are not getting what we want and need from being [...]

Posted August 5th, 2008 by justBcoz in Personal
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Today has taken a heartbreaking turn … Sir G and I have decided to take a break. That’s all I can say right now.