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Posted June 12th, 2009 by justBcoz in Books, Out and About
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OMG … READING PORN!! I can’t wait The Cape Town Book Fair starts tomorrow, Saturday 13 June and continues through to Tuesday. I’m SO amped to get there and do some seriarse shelf stocking w00t! Plus, as an Exclusive Books Fanatics member, I’ll be getting 400 bonus points on each title I buy there. HELL [...]

Posted October 9th, 2008 by justBcoz in Books, Life at Home
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But I now also have a headache Sheesh … all the drilling and cutting and gluing and filling has made my head moggy! Anyway, they look great, don’t you think? Now I finally have somewhere to unpack my books, so guess what I’ll be doing this weekend!

Posted June 8th, 2008 by justBcoz in Books, Personal
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In this chapter of the book Dr Christopher G. Fairburn deals with the psychological and social problems associate with binge eating. Again, just for the record, I am neither bulimic nor anorexic but as I read this chapter, I found that could relate to issues like the diet-binge cycle, the effects of this cycle (and [...]

Posted June 5th, 2008 by justBcoz in Books, Websites
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Ever since I could make sense of the words “See John run” (remember those little books?), I have loved reading. These days though, as for most of us I suppose, there isn’t very much time for me to sit down and read, so I’ve had to find another way to satisfy my appetite for stories [...]

Posted June 1st, 2008 by justBcoz in Books
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“Who Binges?” Well, this was all very dull I’m afraid. Lot’s of boring stats about research studies, graphs and tables … yawn. And the bottom line was that because binge eating is normally such a secretive thing and not many people ever get treatment for this problem, there’s no real way to determine exactly who [...]

Posted May 22nd, 2008 by justBcoz in Books
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I haven’t had much time to read in the past week, but yesterday I finally got around to Chapter 2 of this book by Dr Christopher G. Fairburn. I didn’t find it too riveting (I’m waiting for the “solutions” part of the book), but it was mildly interesting nonetheless. In this chapter, Dr Fairburn states [...]