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YEAH BABY! I’m SO stoked I just received an email from welovewp.com to let me know that my site has been selected to be featured in their WordPress gallery to showcase outstanding WordPress sites! We have some good news for you: After careful consideration of http://www.justbcoz.co.za/headspace, the WordPress powered site that you submitted to welovewp.com, [...]

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TADAAAAAAAAAH! All my grateful thanks to Sir G for his coding help – I know it was a bitch to get right, some really tricky areas, so I’m super-proud of you for battling through – and to Chris M for assistance with deploying. You guys are the greatest … LOVE working with you

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The time, she has arrived my friends justB[coz] will be going into lockdown mode shortly and will be back up and running tomorrow (Tuesday), wearing it’s brand-spanking-new design!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m excited … can you tell?

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Just had a quick walk-through of my brand new blog with Sir G and bloody hell, she’s looking FINE! w00t!! It’s really cool to see my design coming to life Just some IE testing and a few bits and bobs to sort out before the Big Reveal. I guestimate early next week, so watch this [...]

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AT LAST! I got my A into G and finally redesigned my blog HURRAH Now, I just have to get this bitch coded and then all shall be revealed! But, just in case you *can’t wait*, here’s a sneaky peek preview …

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Sir G finally got his A into G and created his very own WordPress theme to relaunch his blog! He did good. Go say hello (Yes, that’s me at the bottom wah!) Shit. I’d better get *my* A into G now and get cracking on my own theme!