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Mmk, I’m going to try and ignore the fact that I got effall sleep last night and just look forward to a brand new phase of my life that starts today … New beginnings. New opportunities. New challenges. It’s all good “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.“ Have a [...]

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THE FAIREST CAPE – By André van Rooyen “My romance with the light and the seas off the Cape, in images.” I’m so proud of André van Rooyen and Nic Haralambous (SA Rocks) for collaborating on this AWESOME new photographic book!! Nic says: “I have been dying to try and get something off the ground [...]

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Hmmm … tagged again. Twice. This time it’s the “7 Interesting Things About Me” game and I got hit by both Chris Mills and Wogan May! Does this mean I now have to come up with 14 things?? Hoo Boy … this ain’t gonna be easy – between my About Me page and being Tagged [...]

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It’s Fridaaaaaay! The weekend is nearly here =) Thank goodness … what a week … Don’t quite know why I’m getting amped for the weekend though – I’m going to have to work to make up for the time I lost yesterday. Bummer. I look like shit today =) Lots of blubbering and not enough [...]

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Bleakness. I am so not ready for today. I have a thick sleeping pill hangover (think I took it too late last night) and a head that seriously feels like it’s going to blow up and splatter my brains all over the wall behind me. Urgh. So I’m waiting for the sleeping tab to wear [...]