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Is there anything worse than a borked computer? I think not! You know how my machine crashed a few weeks ago and I lost all that data? Well, this morning it started doing some REALLY weird shit and rather than risk having it crash again, I decided to go out and buy a new iMac. [...]

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nothing not anything nix nil nada naught zero zip zilch bugger all I’m not kidding! I have waaaaay too much “stuff”, it’s ridiculous. I honestly can’t bear the thought of getting even more to add to my collection of “things”. Apart from that, money is tight this year and I would rather that the people [...]

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My Dad’s always telling me that I should keep track of exactly how much I’m spending, that I would probably be really surprised to see where my money’s going at the end of every month … It’s not a bad idea and I KNOW I need to watch my money a lot closer than I [...]

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The petrol price is going up again next week by 50c/litre, it looks like interests rates are set to rise again and Eskom has announced that prices will double in the next 5 years. In fact, Eskom warns that there could even be a total blackout if we can’t decrease the demand for power or come [...]

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Last week I headed off to Cavendish Square to buy a birthday pressie for Miss Boats and I decided to take a chance and pop in to Computicket to buy tickets for the Seether concert next month. I say “take a chance” because that particular branch of Computicket is NEVER online. Perhaps it’s just my bad luck [...]

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Today was supposed to be good. Today was supposed to be my time to relax and regroup. Today was supposed to be about no distractions. Today was supposed to be stress free. So far it’s everything BUT …. Thanks to another blow up with the eldest, I am fighting angry tears of frustration and wondering [...]