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You know how when you’re a fiery Aries woman, with Spanish and Irish blood coursing through your veins, going through PMS week and you get so fuck-off angry at a situation that you react by doing something totally impulsive, radical and permanent and then you look back on it a while later and think: “Crap, perhaps that wasn’t such a great idea after all.”




  1. Hope you’ve decided to change your mind ;)
    The day you did that I went hunting for you to refer your work!! Thankfully Cath gave me your email address, hope they phone you

  2. Lisl van den Hoven says:

    So glad you’re back! You have the amazing ability to express in words what others ache to say…
    In short, you’re a “wordsmith”!

    It was great chatting to you, too! Have a great day!

  3. SwissTwist says:

    Been missing your lovely face in my timeline. *hugs*

  4. Chris M says:

    I might not be a fiery Aries woman, but I’ve so said, “Crap, perhaps that wasn’t such a great idea after all.” before! The beauty is that you can go back and fix things to an extent :)

  5. Dad says:

    Not everything done on impulse is a bad thing! Often there is an under lying cause to it all that has been there for a while. It can give you the chance to rethink and maybe start from scratch the way you really want to and should do something.

  6. ExMi says:

    yup. know it. all too well.

    luckily things are fixable. xx

  7. There’s not much I can say or do other than offer a shoulder or an ear… Hope you decide to come back online as I’m missing you…

  8. Mom says:

    Umm….fiery? YES, impulsive? YES, stupid? NO!! There’s nothing that can’t be fixed when you’re ready to xxx

  9. Rou says:

    Am I again going to be the only one not firing tweets all around the office?


  10. SheBee says:

    Fuck it, could you just come back already? I miss you something ridiculous.

  11. what Sheena just said. miiissss yyoooouuu

  12. justBcoz says:

    mmk, I’ve just set up my new Twitter account. You can find me as @Sue_Rutherford.

  13. Dad says:

    @justBcoz – Well done!! We have all missed you.

  14. meganTS says:

    yup. i get that. except substitute aries with gemini and spanish with french.


  15. yep. I do that too often.