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Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me – you rock! And I’m stoked to be representing Cape Town and the erm, “veteran” age group.

But a photo shoot? This is like my worst nightmare just came true. Gulp.

  1. Darren says:

    Rocking Sue!!! Congratulations. Not a regular cosmo reader myself so don’t know if I’ll see it but certainly well deserved. and hopefully a whole lot of fun too, don’t be scared to let your hair down :)

  2. justBcoz says:

    Eish. Thanks Darren!

    Fun? ARGH! I’m stressing …

    And speaking of hair, I should probably organise my annual trip to the hairdresser. Pronto.

  3. Chantal says:

    Awesomeeeeeeee, you’re so beautiful, can’t wait to see the pics – you’ll def be the best looking, I dont buy Cosmo every month so please do a blog post with which month it will be in so I can get it.

  4. Chris M says:

    Classic, congrats!!!

    Can’t wait to see the pics and publish them on iMod saying.. MY BOSS ROCKS!

  5. StevenMcD says:

    What are you talking about! from all the pics I’ve seen of you, you are a complete hottie so don’t stress about the photo shoot :)


  6. justBcoz says:

    No man, you don’t understand lol!

    Here’s an extract from my (now very out of date) About Me page:

    “I am totally photophobic – I detest having my photo taken to the point where I’ll involuntary lash out and smack someone if they point a big lens in my direction … good thing I’m not famous!”

  7. Angel says:

    Awesome-tastic! And once they see how gawjiss you are they will make you Twitter Queen of the world!!

  8. What awesome news! And there is no need to be concerned about a photo-shoot, you’re absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous! :)

  9. meganTS says:

    OMG, congrats!!

    i totally understand the photophobia btw. i has it, big time!

  10. justBcoz says:

    It was incredibly nerve wracking! And I had a looooooong wait – was the last one to be shot. You know what? I think once I finally got in front of the camera, I actually had a little bit of fun :D I must give the photographer credit for this – he was fantastic. And it helped that the gorgeous and talented Samantha Laura Kaye did such a brilliant job with my make-up too … I felt purty :-)