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Of course it is :D

How can one NOT be swept up by the incredible atmosphere in our country right now, even if you’re not a football fan?

What an historical day for South Africa – I’m so proud and overjoyed to be part of it!

Of course, I AM a football fan, which just makes it all the more AMAZING :D

Off to watch France vs Uruguay tonight at Cape Town Stadium … WOOHOO!!

  1. Neal Collins says:

    Just read your blog for first time… May post was powerful stuff. Been there too. Right down there, way down there, where people don’t see anything but the top of your head. And they think you’re a big personality, they don’t see beyond your nose. Hope the World Cup brings a little cheer… and the twitters!

  2. emptea says:

    Korea 2 : Greece 0.

    ’nuff said.

  3. justBcoz says:

    @Neal … thanks for visiting JustBcoz :D

    I can say, with absolute certainty, that I’m nowhere near where I was when I wrote that post. Thank heavens. I detest being so low … it honestly feels like there’s no way out, no hope at all.

    Anyhoo, I managed to get myself in the Land of the Living again. Just. I’m there, but still feeling a little like a visitor :-)

    The World Cup is definitely bringing cheer!!! I *really* don’t like watching football alone but doing so with Twitter going is pretty awesome :D

    @emptea … lolz! You need to root for Italy if you want to make a few ronds :-)

  4. Terrance says:

    I’m also excited beyond belief for the following few weeks. I still can’t believe that we’re hosting the world’s greatest players right here in SA. Its just so unbelievable!

    I’m getting ready for my first live taste of the Italy v Paraguay game tonight at Cape Town Stadium and can’t wait to finally see how magnificent it looks in person.

  5. justBcoz says:

    OMW Terrance … that first look at the stadium, the first time you enter that massive arena and view it complete in all it’s brightly-lit glory is just breathtaking!

    Enjoy it, each and every minute :-)

  6. El-Diablo says:

    My legs hurt