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How awesome is this?

I’ve been invited to attend the next Audi MVP Day on Friday:

Audi MVP

Congrats on being selected for the next Audi MVP day.

The general idea is to get 8 fantastic people together for a morning, have some fun and get to experience some of the cars in the Audi range.

The plan will be to take 4 different Audi cars (2 people per car), cruise around a pre-determined stunning driving route, swap cars/drivers along the way, have a fun tea/coffee pit stop, then drive some more and finally have a lovely lunch, all compliments of Audi Centre Cape Town.

Can’t WAIT! This is going to be soooo much fun :D

  1. Dad says:

    Wow that sounds fantastic!! I have covered similar days for Mercedes and they are really great fun. Enjoy.

  2. justBcoz says:

    Thanks Dad :-)

    It’s rumoured that there *may* just be an R8 V10 there too … !!!!!

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  4. Chris M says:

    Please do me a favour – if you’re in a white A3 cab, please just carry on driving all the way to A Cape Town Flat by Chris M, miss call me when you’re outside and I’ll open the garage, drive inside and park the car. I’ll handle the situation when they ask you where the car went, just act all innocent.

    I’ll be your coffee bitch for the rest of the year in return :D

  5. justBcoz says:

    BWAHAHA! “coffee bitch” … ROTFL :D

  6. Chris M says:

    Just imagine! And all you have to do is drive a sexy car a few extra metres :D

  7. justBcoz says:

    Hehe … you obviously haven’t noticed that I’m not drinking coffee, hey?

  8. Chris M says:

    Oh krap ya, well tea? smoothies?

    Dammit, I want that car!

  9. justBcoz says:

    Sheesh, you’re persistent! I promise to take photos :-)

  10. Chris M says:

    Lol, no, don’t take photos, that’s just cruel!

    Hope you peeps have a fantastic time :)

  11. justBcoz says:

    Thanks man. Not sure who all is going … I know Justin Hartman and Charl Norman (rad – I’ve never met him) will be there, but don’t know who the other 5 are.

  12. Chris M says:

    I feel horribly left out, Chris will be getting a nice email from me ;)

  13. justBcoz says:

    Makes a change, eh? Me being invited and you not, lol!

  14. Chris M says:

    Evil! Nah, good for you, I hope it’s awesome :)

    PS. You’re guna be soooo tempted to get an Audi after this experience :D

  15. justBcoz says:

    I think I may be too … eek!

  16. Dad says:

    @JustBcoz that is the whole point of the exercise to try and sell you a car or make sure the next car you buy is an Audi so just play it cool!!

  17. justBcoz says:

    LOL, I know Dad :-)

    Don’t worry – a new car is SO not in my budget right now. I’m taking a HOLIDAY before I make any further financial commitments.

  18. Dad says:

    Good for you. You need a good holiday so much more than a new car. Anyway your car is virtually just out the box as far as km’s go.

  19. justB[coz] says:

    Yes! Only 10 000km in more than 2 years, hehe …

  20. Hanlie says:

    That sounds like such fun! Congrats!

  21. justBcoz says:

    Doesn’t it just? I’m very excited … hope we have good weather for it!

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