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Probably because absolutely *nothing* interesting is going on right now. I’ve hit a serious slump and I’m thoroughly bored with my life. Jeez, I need to get out and find a frigging LIFE! I mean, it’s just occurred to me that my car is now just over a year old and I haven’t even driven 9000kms yet – and that includes a trip to Plett and back. Pathetic, really.

So … quick catchup (if you can stand the dullness of it all) …

Son#1 is out the house now – for good this time, it seems. I’m ok with that. I’ve made peace with it. He’s 18 now and I have to let go. It’s entirely his own choice and I think he’s old enough to make the best of it. He’s bunking with friends for now, until he can find a place of his own. I’ve made arrangements with the X for him to pay over Son#1′s portion of maintenance to him directly, to pay for rent and I’m giving R250 petrol money, R500 for clothes and a monthly grocery shop (which is about R1500). It’s setting me back a little but I don’t want Son#1 working while he’s in matric.

I miss him.

Work-wise, things are pumping, as usual. Here’s a sneaky peak at some stuff we’re busy with:

I really should make a start on revamping this site – I feel like SUCH a fraud having a blog that uses somebody else’s template! Eeek.

I’ve kinda stopped watching TV, apart from Monday nights – Survivor, Lost and House night! I’m PVR’ing all the Lost episodes and one of these days I’m going to have a marathon catch up. I do this because I’m far too impatient to wait a whole 7 days between episodes hehe :-)

Instead of TV, I’ve been reading like a demon. I’ve always loved books and reading but I’ve not been reading as much as I like to recently and now I’ve taken to re-stocking my library and spending loads of time inside my books. Escapist, me.

Other than that, I’ve nothing to report. Seriously. It’s all pretty hum drum and uninspired *yawn*


“Only boring people are bored” … ? I’m in trouble!

  1. Dad says:

    Nice to see you back. Have you started that book I gave you? Love to see a commentary on that as you go along.

  2. cath says:

    Hello My Sue

    long time no blog… am similarly errant blogger, surrounded by to do lists and insanity

    You are not boring. You are preserving yourself. You’re doing amazing work and dealing with the load of life as you do always – with brilliance and tenacity, in every aspect of life (i mean this! hugely!)

    uninspired? rubbish. boring? far from it.


  3. Chris M says:

    Based on those designs, I’d be comfortable saying that you’re very well rehersed with layers – How about a blog post on layers to help us design noobs?

    Not only that, but you forgot to blog your NEW GADGET?!?!?!

  4. justB[coz] says:

    @Dad … eeek! No, I haven’t started it yet. I know it’s going to be heavy going and require some serious brainpower to process so I’ve been putting it off. Mmk … THIS WEEKEND! I have a kid-free weekend and the weather’s going to be shitty so I’ll start it then.

    @cath … I love you my friend xxx

    @Chris … hmmm. I’ve never thought of doing a tut post before. Erk, wonder if it matters that I’m still using PS CS – haven’t upgraded for ages. Let me have a think about this, perhaps some people will benefit :-)

    Shit yes!! My new GADGET! Totally slipped my mind …

  5. Chris M says:

    Would the version really make a difference? My guess is that it’s fairly standard across all PS version, however, I could easily be wrong – guess it depends on how you structure the “tutorial”

    Yes, wana see samples of what that gadget can do :)

  6. Dad says:

    @JustBcoz One of the best exponents of PS that I know still uses PS 5.
    I don’t think you will find the book heavy but rather thought provoking.

  7. Laura says:

    I only watch TV on monday nights too ;-p

    Love the gone fishing website – very cool :)

  8. Hanlie says:

    Always nice to catch up with you!

  9. justB[coz] says:

    @Laura … thanks! That’s going to be my Dad’s new blog one of these days, for when he takes to the road on his Western Cape caravan adventures :-)

    @Hanlie … yeah, I got my A into G at last!

  10. Reality bites says:

    Sue, I have came across your blog, read it, and have come to the conclusion that you must be the most self centred, delusional, loser in the world. You must be the number 1 contender for worst mother in the world! MY GOD! IT is your fault that your kids are so fucked up, to believe anything else is simply avoiding the truth. It is not to late to change who you are, maybe it is…only you know. Stop thinking about yourself all the time : seriously…GROW UP!

  11. justB[coz] says:

    @Reality bites … and this conclusion is based on the fact that you’ve read ONE post on my blog? Yes, I can track your movements across this site in real time.

    And you snipe behind an anonymous username? You are merely a bored little troll who should perhaps take their own advice and GROW UP.

  12. Chris M says:

    @Reality bites –

    Why do you feel it is necessary to come in here and insult the author to such a degree?

    For those of us who know Sue, know that she’s probably one of the most UNself-centered and caring people in this world – I could sit here and write an essay on how she’s helped me come from a position where I was really unhappy into a position where I am incredibly happy. And to top that off, I would not be the only person capable of doing this.

    If you don’t like what you read, fair enough, but rather hold back your views and perhaps find another blog which you enjoy.

  13. Sir G says:

    @Reality bites – Your bad grammar, immaturity, pathetic whinging, and deceitfulness give your identity away. Very sad.

  14. Dad says:

    @Reality bites – Only one word for you and that is WANKER!! When you reach the age of 10 try again.

  15. cath says:

    Dear Reality Bites

    it does bite doesnt it? I’d like to run through your comment…I quote:

    “Sue, I have came across your blog, read it, and have come to the conclusion that you must be the most self centred, delusional, loser in the world”

    Nope. people who come across blogs, read once and come to lame conclusions are

    “You must be the number 1 contender for worst mother in the world! MY GOD! IT is your fault that your kids are so fucked up, to believe anything else is simply avoiding the truth”

    WOW you sound JUST like someone i used to know. SO MUCH So. But, dude, lets face facts, are you a mother? do you have a right to judge? Didnt think so. further, ive never met anyone as IN TUNE with her children as Sue is. Yes, there are problems but she’s dealing with them bravely, openly, HONESTLY and most of all, in an unafraid way. I mean, COME ON, how many people do you know would spill their lifes truth for the world to see like this? Would you? Nope didnt think so, you anonymous troll, you.

    “It is not to late to change who you are, maybe it is…only you know. Stop thinking about yourself all the time : seriously…GROW UP!”

    Really? to grow up, one must be comfortable with oneself… and im pretty sure your mother didnt christen you “Reality Bites” She probably wouldve been sued for copyright infringement due to the movie of the same name.

    Remember this, that everything you say and do comes back to you threefold. So, Reality Bites, I hope reality really does bite you. Thrice.

  16. cath says:

    Oh and @ChrisM you and I both have that experience.. of the Sue love, of her NEVER being afraid to be with you in the dark days of your life. I am proud and lucky and bloody blessed to have Sue in my life, in all the aspects that she is

    @Reality bites, I wonder where your courage is on dark days. probably up your bumbum, quivering like a leaf in the wind.

  17. Chris M says:

    Yo go girl! Tell him/her off!

  18. vincent says:

    Hmm Reality Bites, well played you fucker I’m quite sure that your garage – dwelling is now a suitable abode for your contempt. What I’d find most terrifying is you think you are in any way a role model for others, particularly in the way that you address your issues. For now I’ll take a page out of your book and simply retort, “fuck off”.

    As for the blog, very honest Sue, such transparency is quite admirable because you’re willing to open up yourself to critique.

    I must admit that I’d perhaps have put the old angry face on and demanded that your say return home because Matric is a tough year but you know him far better than I do. Maybe son 2 can coax him back by telling him what’s what, it always worked for my younger brother and I – we kept each other in check and although we’ve drifted apart I’ll still kick his ass verbally if so required ;)

  19. son#1 says:

    mom…even though you might think its a bit hectic, please just post it.

    ok so ive read this last post from “reality bites” and have been sitting in my own head trying to figure out who the devil it is..
    but guess what, i actually dont care anymore.
    you know, im actually quite stoked for this tosser. this is probably the one and only time he/she/it has feeled satisfied over their incredibly mature ways of confronting someone. so good on you big guy. im happy youre happy…

    i found a little something to add on to your satisfaction. cause we all know how much you like to feel all warm and fuzzy inside…

    oh and one last thing…”IT is your fault that your kids are so fucked up”…

    now ive been told that i am really good at expressing my emotions towards certain issues. (for instance, this would be a time when i would tell you how little i think of you and start screaming fuck you and die in a hole.) but I have infact come to MY VERY OWN conclusion.

    seeming that i know who you actually are, (ha, didnt see that coming hey big guy?) i will sit back…and smile at your incredible lack of knowledge and maturity…



  20. angel says:

    Oh lawdee… nothing to report!??!?
    Son #1 moving out is harldy nothing to report!
    I dunno what to do with the knucklehead at the moment. He’s making no attempt to find work, he’s eating me out of house and home and he’s still smoking grass. It infuriates me and he doesn’t even feel it!
    Wow. I think I need some tips from you on how to deal with 18 year olds…

  21. justB[coz] says:

    @angel … you’re joking. Right? Tips from me? WAHAHAHAHA!!!! Eish …

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