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Don’t ask me how, where or when ‘cos I really don’t have a clue. Yet.

But the thought of staying here in this house is no longer one that I’m happy with.

And yes, it has a LOT to do with my neighbours, particularly the fishwife-on-helium chick next door and her Spawn of Satan offspring who have now started screaming things (at the top of their lungs) like:


And you don’t want to KNOW about the bitch-fight that happened when a complaint was lodged.

Between the ghastly family next door, the howling new baby on the other side, the kids behind me, the mournful dog down the road that never shuts up at night, the weekly thumping parties, the non-stop bergie interruptions, the bad memories in this place and the intense feelings of frustration and claustrophobia, I have decided that it’s time to move on.

So … I’m outta here.



  1. Dad says:

    Really unacceptable that your neighbours are allowed to get away with it.
    You had firstly better check on the equity of the house. Contact a reliable estate agent and find out what you could expect, realistically, for the house in the present market.

  2. StevenMcD says:

    Sounds like a change is needed! Sometimes you need a change like this! Good luck with the house hunting, hope you find something new quick!

  3. justB[coz] says:

    Yes – change is definitely needed!! But oy, figuring out how to actually do this is not going to be easy …

  4. Chris M says:

    Heeeeeeeectic, that means I’m moving too! :D I hear town is a rad location *wink*

    Nah, I agree, those neighbours are a joke, I can’t imagine how you crash at night with that noise, and Fe complains about the noise on Roeland Street, she’d be scared in comparison!

    Jokes aside, big decision indeed and how to execute, even bigger! I wouldn’t even know where to begin, I guess suburb is the first choice, Rondebosch, Newlands, Constantia is what I would imagine – Financials (ack) would be a start, budget decision, selling price of current house, then shopping and I know how much you hate shopping – This is the sort of thing you wish there was someone who could just do it all for you and dish out instructions and orders right?

  5. justB[coz] says:

    RIGHT! I could totally do with someone to do all the leg work … I’ll just pitch up at a potential abode and say “yay” or “nay” waha!!

    Yeah … Constantia is feeling rather inviting. I think, in terms of property size and a possible dual-living arrangement, that may be the best choice. I’m going to have to draw up a list of requirements for the new spot, make sure I don’t overlook anything important.

    But before then, I need to get the horrible money side of things sorted – see if I can actually even afford to move. If I can’t, well then I need to make a plan B and see how much finance I can get and what I need to do to get it.

    And then, of course, there’s the matter of selling this place too. Urgh.

    Shit. Lots of PT!

  6. Chris M says:

    That would rock, I concur :)

    That’s a wise idea, defining requirements first – parking space, room sizes, potential building for a son or two, quite a number of things to define, perhaps start a ‘What I need’ list down the side of your website, others could add :)

    I don’t even want to think about the financial side of things, sheesh, everything’s too expensive these days, just scares me too much. Plan B – Might have to involve poison, so hopefully Plan A will be alright, I hear that criminal records suck and jail is awful ;)

    Yup, the leg work will be awful, but the result awesome, focus on result :)

  7. Sir G says:

    I think this is very exciting. Sure, its going to be daunting, but I’ve always felt this would be best for you and for the business. This place is too taxing on you in a lot of ways. A new environment, and fresh calming surroundings are going to have so many positive spin offs. You are like a different woman when we go away on weekends, away from here.

    Of course I’ll help in any way I can – planning, scouting, or even just a packing mule if that’s what you need :)

  8. Chris M says:

    So cow_grrrl is _girl whilst away from here?!

  9. Dad says:

    Your 1st step is to find a really good, honest and realistic estate agent to give you an idea of what you could get for your house and what you could expect to pay for what you are looking. Biggest problem at the moment might be the equity on your place. Good time to buy but not to sell right now.

  10. Dad says:

    I see that both of the house built at 33 Surrey are still for sale. I am sure they are battling to sell because of the depressed market right now.

  11. Chris M says:

    What I can add to this, is that the house opposite my folks place in St Patricks Rd, down the road from justB[coz], went on the market for R2.4 million and it has been sold – it took about a month to sell. The house is decent, fairly new, single story, several rooms, but no pool, only 1 bathroom and a fairly small garden..

  12. Mom says:

    Absolutely the right thing to do! A step in the right direction for yourself, for those around you and for your business.

  13. justB[coz] says:

    mmk … so I need to find 2 agents – one in this area to value my property and one in Constantia to give me some guidelines there. But I need my requirements list to do the second part. Man, I HATE dealing with agents! I’m far too cranky for their pushy sales drive.

    Wow!! R2.4M!! Sheesh … that’s really encouraging. Wonder what they landed up getting for it?

  14. justB[coz] says:

    Thanks for the backing Mom :-)

    I’m still convincing myself that this IS the 100% correct thing to do though … from our chat yesterday, you know what I mean – don’t want to realise in a year’s time that I’ve made a boo-boo!

  15. cath says:


    Trust us. Yes, its scary, and unsettling and uncertain but HEY what day of the week isnt? Its time to go, so let’s go.

    Hot tip that made me make my choice, just when i needed to and didnt even know it yet – youll know when you have found your new home, the moment you step into it. trust your gut and enjoy the hunt!

    love you XX

  16. justB[coz] says:

    Yeah … LET’S GO!!!

    ok, so I’m *still* having some heated internal discussions with myself about this but screw it … I owe it to myself to start exploring this option properly.

  17. cath says:

    screw the internal discussions. do it do it do it!


  18. Chris M says:

    I agree, I think the only way to know whether it’s a good move or a bad move is by just venturing forwards under the impression that you ARE going to move – along that journey, you’ll find out whether it’s a good move or not, but in my opinion, you have to move forwards to either go forwards or remain.

    Just my 10c.

    I love how everyone is so positive about this, would be really cool to hear WHY people think it’s such a good move, obviously not getting too personal :)

    This thread has my attention now, big time.

  19. cath says:

    My perspective?

    It’s time. Suetjie, you’ve been through the ROUGH, and its good time to let go of the past, and move brightly into the future. And the best way to do that is to move. To somewhere new, somewhere that will be your home for the future, not in any way tied to the past.
    (i know what im talking about here, cause it took me more than five years to do it, but i finally recently did it!!)

    new spaces mean new perspective, new beginnings. and i always think those are good.

    my 12 cents..


  20. Chris M says:

    There we go, that adds a lot of value!

    Exciting, but tiring times ahead.

  21. justB[coz] says:


    Just been looking at some Constantia property prices – nothing even half decent under R3.5M and that’s about R1M more than I (think) I can manage.

    Going to have to get hold of my accountant to see what can be done.

  22. Chris M says:

    I’m not surprised.

    I’m no property expert, but assuming that you were looking at prices via somewhere online or the paper, would comfortably allow me to say that those prices are bloated and once approached, a considerable reduction could be negociated. I’ve looked around at property for the last several months, out of interest, and people are shooting high because of the economy, but more than happy to lower their prices to make the sale.

    You’re going to have to do some hussssling on this one!

  23. angel says:

    Oy… do I remember my years of shirty neighbours or what!!!

  24. andrewmcall says:

    geez, your sh!tty neighbours sound a lot like my sh!tty neighbours. they must be breeding out.

  25. justB[coz] says:

    Sucks hey Andrew? So much unnecessary stress …

  26. justB[coz] says:

    Angel … how did I miss your comments? Sheesh, sorry man!

    They were quiet for a couple of days but that little girl next door is back to shre-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-king at raandom times, for no apparent reason. It’s quite bizarre!