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I’ve got some turnip emailing my clients and actively slating us, for starters. Fucker. I’m not TOO stressed because I know he’s talking complete crap but I am a bit shocked that someone would pull such a scum-of-the-earth stunt. And having to deal with this shit just wastes our precious time.

And holy mother! I’m just about to make the scariest VAT payment EVER!!! Damn, that’s a bit ouch …

Apart from that, work is COOKING! This year has really got off to a brilliant flyer and I’m super excited about some of the stuff we’ve got on the go. It’s starting to get seriously busy here and the sense of urgency is now picking up as we get into full swing.

It’s February already, no more slacking *cracks the whip* hehehe ;-) We all need to stay focused and make sure we stay on top of everything, delivering more than we promise. Always.

It’s fantastic to be so busy – I’m so, so grateful – but I won’t lie, it’s helluva nerve wracking!

But here’s the good news: I’ve roped in some more help in the form of a highly talented young lady who officially joins us today as Online Content Editor. Working in her private capacity from her homely headquarters in Durban is none other than the dazzling Cath Jenkin!

Cath, welcome to the team, my friend. We’re super-excited to have you on board! Your energy, passion and commitment are already proving to be an inspiration to us and it’s an awesome honour and pleasure to work with you :D

Mmk, I’d better get back to it – sooooooooo much to do AND I need to get to the gym just now. I’ve been a bit nawty this weekend in that I haven’t trained at all and I haven’t eaten very well either. BUT, no use in dwelling on that, I must put it behind me and stay super disciplined this week to make up for it and ensure that I carry on with the progress I’ve at last started to make. Yip, I’ve lost 1.5kg’s and lost a cm all round … YAY ME!!

  1. Cath says:

    1. WHOEVER this TURNIP is, send me their address. IMmediately. Immediately. That is DISGUSTING.

    2. Aish, my Sue. thank you. so much. You and the Forge have gone out of your way to make me feel at home, even though I’m so far away. I’m loving this work, and loving this life. Thank you so so much. I’m truly proud to be part of the Forge!


  2. B says:

    I am pleased to see that at least ONE of us has been super disciplined in regards to going to gym!!

    Ignore the *fucker aka Turnip.. It is just negative energy you dont need.. People who know you will know better ;-) !!

    Congrats on the brilliant acquisition of Cath Jenkin.. She can only be an asset to The Forge!

    Go Sue Go!!

    Forge forth all your brilliance!

  3. SwissTwist says:

    Well done to The Forge and to Cath on a fantastic union!!
    Great to see your team growing and you happy Sue :-) ) – err.. besides the bad case of turnips, of course

  4. Jeanette says:

    Yay to the addition of Cath to the team!

  5. C says:

    1.5kg already, way to go!

    lol well considering the VAT wasn’t yours to begin with, although I know the pain of paying it over!!! it sits nice n pretty in the bank till and you think ooo look at my balance :P well it shouldn’t be “Scary” coz it obviously means you had a good two past months of sales so :) how much is it?

  6. justB[coz] says:

    @Cath … ag you know, I run into these tossers all the time. We work in such a cut-throat section of the interwebs, people resort to this type of arsewipe behaviour fairly regularly. But this tactic is a first …

    I’m SO SO SO glad you’re loving it :D

    @B … yeah, I’ve been pretty good! And today’s workout was the bomb :-) I think I’m going to try and get up really early tomorrow and do a cardio session before work ‘cos tomorrow’s going to be hectic and I want to get it out the way early so I don’t miss it if I get too wrapped up in “stuff”.

    We are all THRILLED to have Cath working with us – she’s off to a ripper of a start!!

    @SwissTwist … Thanks man :-) Yip – there are 10 of us now WOOHOO!! It’s a bit stressful (turnips in the mix don’t help either) but we’re loving it and WOW, I’m so proud of everyone!

    @Jeanette … YAY indeed!! We are richer for it :-)

  7. justB[coz] says:

    @C … thank you!! I’m chuffed that the weight’s finally starting to come off. Hells, this getting older thing REALLY counts against you in the metabolism department.

    Indeed – we had 2 record-smashing months in November and December, hence the WHACK that needs to be paid over. And I ain’t telling you how much it is :-)

  8. cath says:

    forging ahead, us. :D

  9. Chris M says:

    Working with Cath rocks!

    Ok, best get back to work, else that whip will come out :S