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Yours truly has the honour of winning the grrrly half of the Nerdies 09, created by our very own SheBee-Liciousness!

Thanks for voting for me everyone – I had some stiff competition (honestly thought that Heidi’s TwitGirl persona was going to pip me at the post hehe) and I’m stoked this cow_grrrl could rope in the title before age starts to *really* count against me wahaha! And to be acknowledged as a nerd is just the awesomest … yip, I’m swearious :D

Congrats to Andre van Rooyen for winning the dude half!

There were some awesome prizes up for grabs too, so thank you to the generous and kind sponsors.

What I’m also REALLY pleased about is that this all evolved into a charity auction as well, so apart from the fun we all had, some needy kids are actually going to benefit too. That’s very cool hey? And I think my Dad has to take the credit for getting THAT all going!

What an excellent way to start 2009 … YEEHAAA!

  1. Glugster says:

    Congratulations! This just confirms what we alreay know! LOL

  2. SwissTwist says:

    Congratulations!!! Gorgeous and Nerdy.. was there ever any doubt?

    Have a great week hon!

  3. Chris M says:

    Congrats! From Geek to Nerd in a couple days ;)

    Tease worthy status, hehe.

  4. justB[coz] says:

    LOL you guys!! Thanks :-)

    Son#1 will hose himself when he finds out – he’s forever telling me what a nerd I am :D

  5. son#1 says:

    i will say nothing..

  6. son#1 says:


  7. Chris M says:

    Your Mom is famous now, be stoked dude! Also, she does buy your food, clothes, etc. so you kinda have to think she’s cool ;)

  8. son#1 says:

    kk…shes a cool loser..nothing wrong wth that

  9. Po says:

    yay! Congrats to you

  10. justB[coz] says:

    OMW! Son#1 … you brat LOL :D I’ll remember that when you need moola again boy!

    @Po … thanks hey … and SO nice to have you in Twitterland now :-)

  11. Chris M says:

    Hahahhahhaha, I TOLD YOU Son#1 :P ~

  12. Terrance says:

    Let me add my congrats on you coming first in the Nerdies. :)

  13. justB[coz] says:

    Awesome … thanks Terrance!

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