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From Son#2′s birthday yesterday :-D

My Dad stopped by to drop off and setup this VERY cool thing!
It’s called a Skyball – like a portable squash court.

The Birthday Boy :-)

See that drum kit? I want one!
(It’s my birthday in April … just saying)

I’m not gonna lie … they were freaking loud and not very good wah!
But they had a lekka time :D

Sir G … keeping a safe distance from the “band” hehe …

As did Son#1

Birthday cake time!

And right about now I think is when Son#2 started cringing …

Yip … the singing started haha :D

  1. Chris M says:

    It looks like a really great birthday! :)

  2. justB[coz] says:

    It was … he had a really good time with his mates – the first time he’s ever had a bunch of his friends over here for a get together, so it meant a lot to him :-)