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Oh dear …

Sir G and I headed off last night to a little restaurant called Yum, in Vredehoek, to hook up with FeistyFemale and some other wonderful people to celebrate her big two-five birthday.


And it was … for a while. We got there, greeted the gorgeous Bev (looking quite spectacular in her turquoise party dress), handed over some flowers and a pressie, said our hallo’s to everyone and promptly ordered a beer.

So far so good …

More lovely people arrived …yakkity yak yak, chat about this, chinwag about that.

Take a little break, step back from the activity for a minute, to regroup and *BOOM*, it hits me! I’ve left my purse at home … AAAAAARGH!!! Dammit, I NEVER do that. And Sir G says: “Not to worry, I’ve got my wallet here and I’ve got cash, so we’re cool!”


More attempts to mingle, while dodging Mr Golding and that camera again!

Glasses are empty, time for another round, and off Sir G goes to place an order at the bar.

And back Sir G comes to inform me that he, errrr, doesn’t want to alarm me, he’s not quite sure what to do, but he doesn’t seem to have his wallet on him either!


How embarrassing! Seriously, we were dying … not a penny between us, ERK. Luckily and thank goodness, Cluckhoff came to our rescue and lent us some moola. (Thank you xxx)

*whew* again.

And then … disaster.

Sir G became *convinced* that he’d brought his wallet with him – he was SURE he’d put it in one of his jacket pockets before we left – and thought it may have dropped out somewhere between the car and the restaurant. And The Hunt began. Waiters, car guards, everyone pitched in to look for the missing wallet. It was nowhere to be found. We phoned home to ask the boys to see if was perhaps lying around there, but no luck!

I was really hoping that the wallet was here at home somewhere, that the boys had just missed seeing it and that we’d spot it when we got back – teenage boys are not renowned for being able to “find stuff”, right?

But we never found it :-(

His jacket was hanging over a chair unattended for a while at the restaurant and the only (rather horrible) explanation is that somebody helped themselves to his wallet.

So poor Sir G has now lost about 900 ronds, his driver’s license, and his bank and gym cards and of course it’s a huge schlep to sort everything out. He’s not a happy Mullet

And I’m not exactly a ray of sunshine myself today. Hrmph. Feeling way too tired and grouchy for people. I’m just going to pop in my ear thumps, put my head down and gun it … so much wwwork!

Later my friends.

  1. B says:


    THats quite a kak one!! Its not the money really is it? Its all the other arb shit you got in there.. cards and receipts and photies..

    Jammer SirG

  2. FeistyFemale says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Freakin hell, I can’t believe it. I am SO sorry.

    On a more positive note, it was super cool having you there, really appreciate it. Skype me if you need to chat.

    PS We will be catching up more often ;-)

  3. justB[coz] says:

    @B … Ja, very kak one.

    Shame, I don’t think he had any photos in there thank goodness but the rest of it is SUCH a pain to sort out. He’s gone off to the bank and the traffic department this morning to do the necessary …

    @FeistyFemale … Sheesh, just one of those “things” hey? I guess it happens to most of us sooner or later …

    And it was AWESOME to be there to celebrate your birthday with you!! Looking forward to seeing a whole lot more of you :D

  4. Dad says:

    Those have got to be two of the worst feelings in the world – forgetting to take money with you and loosing a wallet or handbag with your life in it.

  5. justB[coz] says:

    @Dad … simply awful!

    We were SO embarrassed and in shock that we could BOTH do the same thing on the same night – what are the chances of that happening?

    And then the discovery that his wallet had taken a permanent vacation really sucked. Poor guy …

  6. linda says:

    That sucks. Sorry for the mission deluxe that is to follow…

  7. justB[coz] says:

    @linda … sucks big fat hairy fart balls! Eish … I feel awful for him.

  8. cath says:

    FUCK! there is no better word for it. Aish.


  9. justB[coz] says:

    @cath … Exactamundo! And lawdluvvaduck, the poor man is STILL stuck at the traffic department.

  10. ExMi says:

    that well and truly sucks dogs’ balls. (sorry if tis a bit crude, but i’m sure it fits how you guys felt)

    now you have to go through the admin of replacing the contents of the wallet.


  11. justB[coz] says:

    @ExMi … TOTALLY fits!! And all the admin is painful. Sadly the cash is irreplaceable …

  12. Sir G says:

    Thanks for inviting us Beverly! I felt like a student again with no money and busking for loose change to buy a few beers. Thanks Catherine, next ones on me :)

    I now have a Nick Nolte like photo for my new driver’s license after running around in the wind trying to find the dingy photo van at the traffic department. Lady, a fluorescent light directly above the chair doesn’t make for the most flattering photo.

    And then, after than whole ordeal I had just enough change on me for a packet of Fritos. And the vending machine swallowed my money…

    Time to take a lotto ticket. This bitch has to shift.

  13. Cluckhoff says:

    Hectic! My handbag was over the chair all night. Makes you realise that no matter where you are you should never leave your stuff unattended and that makes me really sad.

    I’m so sorry this happened to you guys!


  14. justB[coz] says:

    You’re right Cluckhoff … it IS sad that we have to hang on to all our belongings all the time. And I’ve become so used to doing that that I don’t even think about it anymore and just regard it as being entirely normal! Hrmph …

    Thank you again to you and your hubby for bailing us out. We owes you beeg time :-)

  15. Talita says:

    wow that sux – but as I was telling SheeBee earlier this week, it’s been one of those months where random little things like that just keeps happening and alas my wallet was stolen last week too. Call me vengeful but I totally believe it all comes back with interest and with that in mind – sending wishes for the best luck ever – who knows, maybe the universe lurks in your blog too :-)

  16. justB[coz] says:

    @Talita … helloooooooooo! Lovely to have you here :D

    Oh no shame, that IS bad luck! But I guess we need to keep our spirits up and send out good vibes a la “The Secret” (perhaps?) and things will work themselves out.

    The Universe has a remarkable way of making that happen :-)

  17. Talita says:

    Tx – lovely to be here,

    I know of the Secret but haven’t read it – I read this Hindu philosophy book when I was a teenager that explained those principles and the reason that it made sense to (ridiculously over analytical) me was that we were doing atomic chemistry at school; the same rules that the yogis were prescribing for their ‘energy’ that they sent out to receive what they wanted correlated to the rules that we were being taught that atoms behaved to. So I give it the benefit of the doubt but nothing falls in your lap as a rule – you need to earn it.

  18. justB[coz] says:

    Talita – here’s an interesting read for you …

    Power vs Force by David Hawkins