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Mmk … feeling *somewhat* better. (No, this has nothing to do with today’s earlier post.)

Shit, more kak to deal with!

  1. Ches says:

    Can I use that for a T-Shirt?

  2. justB[coz] says:

    With pleasure … T-Shirts, posters, billboards, sky-writing … spread the love :-D

  3. Andre says:

    Oh Jebus. It’s contagious! Viral even!
    :) )

  4. justB[coz] says:

    VIRAL?? Ergh … I *hate* that word! Sounds maggoty …

    But yeah, perhaps you’ve inspired me to make up for all my months sans profanity on this here blog LOL!

    Sjoe, I so needed that! Now I’ll have a beer and a massage and I’ll be sorted thanks :-)

  5. Chris M says:

    Facebook status :P ~

  6. Son#1 says:

    mom, i really cant explain how i am feeling towards not only this ‘BLOG’ but our really non-existant relationship!
    for some strange reason you have forgotten that you are a mother! i am being dead serious mom…you are spending more time on this stupid blog than you are on parenting your kids!!! i cant speak for my brother because that would just be unfair, but really, to me this is a place for you to look for the attention you never got and want! stop playing a victim…BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT!!!! i was told that there was no way of you getting through to me. when have you tried? i think this is the only way of getting through to you…on the BLOODY INTERNET!!!???
    i love you and miss you!
    please don’t make the mistake my father made…enough said.

  7. justB[coz] says:

    My boy, this post was done at 4.12pm this afternoon (2 hours before we argued and you left the house) and it has nothing to do with you.

    I write during the day, when you are at school.

  8. Linda says:

    Same thoughts ran through my head when my Imac fizzled out…

  9. Dad says:

    @Son#1 I know there is not much chance of it happening but I would love to be around when you have children of your own.
    Maybe then you will have some kind of an understanding of what your Mom goes through every day of her life to keep the 3 of you in a house with most of your needs covered. I too was a single parent and as such could only do so much on my own. I know there were many occasions when your Mom would get upset when things did not go her way but she got over it and life carried on regardless.
    As for this blog I would say that it is one of the main reasons she still has her sanity so I wouldn’t knock it.

  10. Son#1 says:

    mom..i know it has nothing to do with me. my post wasnt directed at this…im talking in general. i am finding it extremely hard to get through to you. my question is why. why do i need to send a post on the internet for the whole world to see, just to tell you how i am feeling about something??!

    “Maybe then you will have some kind of an understanding of what your Mom goes through every day of her life to keep the 3 of you in a house with most of your needs covered.”
    fair enough.
    has it not crossed your mind that maybe it would be nice to have someone in the house who i can sit down with, and tell them exactly how i am feeling? last time i checked..a family should be open to this.?
    all i am saying, is that i woluld like my mom to be more involved with me. without telling me that she has a headache, or is too tired or is too loaded with work.

    and for this blog, im not knocking it…even though i think it is a bit “commercial”, (to me a ‘diary’ should be personal-but thats my opinion) im simply saying that i feel she has more a relationship with her bloody computer and everyone who “comments” on the pages than her family.

    i dont mean to talk as if you cant see this mom…

  11. Grandpa says:

    Son#1 I am sure that if your Mom had the full time support of a husband and father things could be very different but that is not the way it is and one has got to try and make the best of it. A lot of the time your Dad is so involved in his work he is not able to pick you guys up when he is meant to and Mom has to take up the slack. Your Dads work is no more important than your Moms.
    Yes she has been going through hell with headaches and her back and she is now trying to get that sorted out. My Mom suffered from really bad headaches and sometimes would be in bed for days. Your Mon does not have that option.

  12. Cath says:

    Sue. I just read this.

    Just sending everyone a little love. X