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There was a *possible* glitch on the radar for this weekend in that Son#1 wanted to go the grade dance at his school but I thought it wasn’t a good idea. Actually, it’s just about the worst idea in the History of the Universe. It’s far too soon for him, he’s not ready for that (read: partying, alcohol, etc) yet. Plus the school had called me to express their concern about his intention after hearing about it via the grapevine.

So I emailed the X to let him know that I was going to have a chat to Son#1 and explain to him why I didn’t think it was a good idea for him to go to the dance. I wasn’t really expecting much of a response from the X (I don’t think), he usually stays out of stuff like this, especially if it’s “my” weekend … but, here’s what he replied with:

“In terms of the Dance I will support your decision, I did tell him it was not a good idea.”


I nearly choked on my left-over pizza when I read that!

Not only does he “support” me on this, but he’s already spoken to Son#1!!


Mmk, who are you and what have you done with the X!?

  1. Glugster says:

    Well, miracles do still occur.

    Hmmmm. I’m now craving left-over pizza. Yummy.

  2. justB[coz] says:

    Butlers FTW!!

    Ham, mushroom, onion, green pepper and Buleritos (peppadews) YUMNESS :-)

  3. Dad says:

    Really good call from both of you. Hope Son#1 accepts and feels okay about it all.

  4. justB[coz] says:

    @Dad … he hasn’t thrown a hissy fit! It seems to be fine … mmk, this is weird!

  5. SheBee says:

    Wowsor. I’m thinking all of us needs someone with a rehab need to sort out any family shiz!

    *tells Mom*

  6. justB[coz] says:

    LOL @SheBee … preferably not hey? But yeah, sometimes the shit has to hit the fan to pull everyone together …