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The clinic is history!

OMG, I am so totally shocked at their childish attitude and the games they keep playing. Friday was the last freakin straw!

I get a phone call from Son#1 in the morning. “I’ve been kicked out again” he says.

THUD <—– That’s the sound of my jaw hitting the ground.

“Oh gawd. What now?”

“I dunno” says he, “just please come and fetch me.”

So I grab my mom and off I dash (thanks to Miss Boats for the lift ‘cos my car was in for a service) and when I get there, he’s sitting outside by himself with his bag.

“So, who can I talk to?” I ask.

“No-one, they’re all in ‘session’.”

bull … SHIT!!

I march into to the reception area and stare at the chick there with all the sweetie-you’d-better-give-me-some attention-before-I-start-throwing-my-toys determination I could summon. Must have worked too because she ended her phone call rather promptly and called some or other “supervisor” that I’ve never met.

Anyway, I’m sitting there, listening to this woman’s RIDICULOUS CRAPNESS about how they wouldn’t read his contract because they didn’t think he was being sincere enough, and now he was not behaving the way they wanted him too (er, yeah, I think I’d also be a bit miffed if you totally dismissed my contract and acted like you didn’t give a shit.)

Then she says: “Yes, and anyway, today is his last day so he has to leave.”


Well, thanks for telling me!! First I’ve heard of it. I mean, I’ve only just paid over another R15k to cover further treatment, hey?

And then she comes up with the peach …

“He’s too angry. He can’t be here unless he changes his attitude.”


I told (no … REMINDED) her that he is an ANGRY boy!!! He’s in the clinic because he is carrying years and years of anger and doesn’t know what the hell to do about it. “Your job was to help him!! And now you kick him out for that?”

I seriously lost it.

“THAT’S INSANE” said I just before I got up, grabbed Son#1 and my mom and walked out.

What an absolute croc of the most disgusting SHIT ever!

They can take their clinic and shove it. He’s never going back there. Not over my dead body.

Tomorrow morning I am taking him to see the psychiatrist who referred us to the clinic to explain the whole story and see what he now suggests. I’ve also organized more meds for Son#1 because the bloody clinic wouldn’t give him his to take home BAH!!  I am making sure he still goes to NA meetings (just dropped him off at one now) and then we’ll see what comes of the new treatment options I am now exploring.

So, that was my Friday morning …

Things got a whole lot better on Friday evening and the rest of the weekend rocked – more about that later :D

  1. cath says:


    You opened your mouth and you gave it to them. Kudos.

    Sending you muchos strength.


  2. Dad says:

    What a bunch of wankers!!! They kick him out for the very thing he went in for – anger
    It could be interesting to hear what the psychiatrist has to say about the situation.
    Hopefully he doesn’t agree with them (maybe they all stick together) and comes up with a really good plan to HELP Son#1 which is after all what this has all been about.
    With you all the way no matter how far the journey.

  3. justB[coz] says:

    @Cath … thank you!!

    @Dad … Well, I’m back from that appointment now … he doesn’t want Son#1 to go back but he does want him to just visit tomorrow morning and kinda just finish things off a bit. He feels that things were not handled well but for Son#1′s sake, it would be a good idea for him to get a bit of closure.

    Apart from that, Son#1 is to stay away from school till Term 4 (I’ll organise tutors to help him catch up on what he’s missed in the meantime), continue to see the psychiatrist a couple of times a week, keep up with the meds and carry on going to NA meetings.

    We’ll see how that goes …