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England vs SA 1st Test at Lords.

I shoulda bet right?


Every time I bet on ANY game, I lose! Sir G made sooooo many ronds off me from previous bets that I thought were a sure thing, I stopped taking him on. And now? Now that I’m not putting my money where my mouth is, my predictions come true! That’s not right …

Anyway, I’m glad we managed to draw the game by batting so well in the second innings after our piss-poor performance in the first and being asked to follow on. Well saved SA.

The next test is at Headingley in Leeds and starts on Friday. Yaaaaay!

Yeah, I love my cricket =) I can sit and watch every delivery of a 5 day test, totally enraptured … it’s such an awesome game. Sometimes I wish I was a guy just so I could have played myself.

Ok, that, and:

  • not having to spend flipping hours getting ready in the mornings (blow drying this long hair in winter is just the most annoying waste of time ever!)
  • having people assume that I don’t like standing around the fire at braais enjoying a cold one and talking about sports
  • having the ladies assume that I just automatically want to sit inside with them and chit-chat about their dahling new kitchen curtains (or the colour of their kid’s poop)
  • being mistaken for the owner’s wife (now ex) or the receptionist of my own bloody business!
  • being expected to wash the dishes just because I have boobs

Oh gosh, don’t let me get started …

  1. Sir G says:

    When did i ever contest a draw! I backed our boys to save the game all the way. The only thing i got wrong was backing my boy De Villiers to dominate.

    Should be a cracker of a game coming up at Headingly…

  2. justB[coz] says:

    Yeah, well I kept my trap shut because if I’d said anything to you, you would have wanted to take me on!! Just to difficult, you would have bet against them!

    *sigh* poor AB doesn’t come through for you very much these days, does he?