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My son drew this … I’m really impressed!  It’s a charcoal drawing – that’s one medium I never really got the hang of myself, so I’m really proud of him – and he’s fairly new to it, so I think he’s done a great job.

(No, it’s not Sir G – he has much nicer arms and some lovely manly chest hair hehe)

I decided long ago that I would only have work done by family and friends hanging in the house and now, at last, I have a piece of family art for my very bare and boring walls – this will look great when it’s framed up. I do have another painting done by my youngest a few years ago that I love and have already had framed. I just need to actually hang it now!

That’s one piece from each of them … I guess it’s my turn next =)

  1. Sir G says:

    Wow thanks Berry! I’ll dare not shave my chest again.

    Ok hows this: I will make also make you an artwork. Keen?

  2. Sir G says:

    I mean also make.

  3. justB[coz] says:

    Yes keen =)

    But I have to insist – absolutely NO dead insects or roadkill … mmk?

  4. Sir G says:

    Damn, i had a killer idea about a tower of hungry locusts in red stilettoes. It would represent the paradox of sexual expression – our distain and yet at the same time ravenous need for it . Oh well, how about a watercolour of Table Mountain?

  5. justB[coz] says:

    You give me Table Mountain and I’ll have to start giving you plaid shirts!