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The moment of truth

My first day of cardio training and sheesh, it wasn’t pretty. Lawdluvvaduck, I am so unfit and soooo thankful there weren’t any witnesses there!!

I spent only 20 minutes on my Health Walker this morning and just about DIED!! My poor little legs 🙁 And after that short time I had managed to sweat so much, I had to mop up the machine AND the floor. Yes, I sweat – I do *not* perspire or “glow” …

You’re probably thinking: “Huh? A HEALTH WALKER?”

Yip, when I’m training at home, I use a Health Walker and that may seem pretty un-hardcore to you, but I like the fact that there’s no impact on my joints, and it works! The trick is to include about 4-5 intensity intervals. By that I mean that every 5 minutes or so, you go FLAT OUT! It’s called a wind sprint and you push, push, push till you literally think you cannot do another second. Then you drop back to a walk and build up the intensity with each passing minute till you reach wind sprint intensity again.

You can follow the same strategy with a skipping rope, a treadmill, a run on the road, an elliptical machine or a bicycle. I’m wary of cycling though – I’ve never seen a female cyclist with beautiful legs!

And then I took my measurements. It’s important to do this so that I know where I’m starting from. I’m going to take weekly measurements and track my progress. I can’t rely on just my scale to give me an accurate indication of fat loss or muscle tone – in fact, I know my weight may even increase for the first few weeks! That could be *really* disheartening if I don’t also measure up against a tape measure because that’s where the first signs of change will show up.

Yikes! I can’t believe I’m actually going to share this with you all but anyhoooo, here goes:

  • Weight:  58.2kg (goal: 54kg)
  • Chest: 90cm (this will probably go up a bit)
  • Waist: 71cm (sies! Want to get that back down to 64cm)
  • Hips: 93cm (I’ll be happy with around 88cm I think)
  • Upper arm: 26cm (that’s ok, but 25cm would be better)
  • Thigh: 52cm (where’s the jumbo? I could kick start it for you!)
  • Calf: 34cm (hmmm, 32cm is my target here)
  • Body Fat: 25% (that’s my educated guess, hoping to drop to 21%)

ERK. There it is.

*blushes with a wee bit of embarrassment*

Operation Yellow Bikini

YES!!! Today’s the day my friends … Operation Yellow Bikini is officially underway!

I’ve had a couple of requests to share my body transformation strategy with you all, so here’s how it works … and yes, it DOES work – trust me, I’ve done this a few times before, with awesome results 🙂

I have set a 12-week time frame for myself to lose 4-6% body fat. I’m guessing that right now, after all the winter shit eating, that I’m at about 25%, perhaps even 26%. I’ll know for sure when I get into the gym and meet up with my Personal Torturer and he can grab folds of my flesh with those nasty calipers hehe.

So, my goal is to get down to about 20%-21% by the end of November. My weight is currently at 58kg (yikes… have put on 3kgs!!!) and I want to get it down to 54kgs. That means I need to lose about 5kgs of fat and gain about 1kg of muscle. That’s tricky – losing the weight is easy, but building a kilo of muscle is going to be hard work!!

The way I’m going to do this is combine some fat burning cardio training with some muscle building weight training, which will actually help me to burn fat too because muscle requires a lot more energy to sustain. So ladies, don’t let ANYONE tell you that you shouldn’t train with weights. Seriously, it’s the ONLY way to really transform your shape, burn tons more fat and look lean. And NO – you will NOT bulk up if you train the way I do. More on that later, so stay tuned.

The training is important, yes, but even more important is my diet. In fact, its about 80% of the whole body transformation. Even with all the training in the world, you’ll NEVER be lean and/or ripped if you don’t eat clean. BUT, if you eat correctly, you can miss a few training sessions and it’s not the end of the world …

As an aside here, I find the diet side the most challenging part. You may or may not know, but I am a Binge Eater – I have a huge problem with eating in the evenings, when I am alone and bored. It’s a problem that cropped up 3 years ago, when my marriage fell apart and the X moved out. So … that’s my weakness, my downfall and something that I now have to work REALLY hard at overcoming.

So, eating-wise, I’m going to eat 5 small meals a day at 2-3 hour intervals (eat 6 meals if you’re a guy or not looking to burn fat), each one comprising a portion of protein and a portion of carbohydrates. Then, for at least 2 of those meals, I add a vegetable portion as well.

What is a portion? A portion is the equivalent of a handful, fist-sized, or palm-sized serving of food. There’s no weighing or measuring of anything, I judge everything from the size of my hands.

I’ll post more detail about the diet later …

And training-wise, I train 6 x per week – 3 cardio sessions and 3 weight training sessions. My cardio takes 30 minutes and is always done first thing in the morning. My weight training can be done at any time during the day (as long as I haven’t just eaten a meal) and takes about 45 minutes. Ideally, I like to get it done in the morning too, just so that it’s done and out the way and I don’t have to worry about it anymore during the day. But, that’s not always possible, especially when it’s still so dark in the mornings 🙂

Today, for example, I have not trained yet, so I’m going to be working out this evening, before dinner. I’m starting with an upper body workout, so I’ll be training chest, back, shoulders, triceps and biceps. And I won’t be going to gym, I can get it all done here at home … I have a bench and free weights, but it IS possible to train without any fancy equipment just by using your own body weight … so no excuses hey?

Right, so that’s the plan! I’m doing measurements tonight so I’ll publish them tomorrow and I’ll start going into more detail on my programme here so that you can see how it works!

Happy Springness my friends … It’s a new day, a new month, a new opportunity to make yourself into all you want to be!!

Summer, she’s a-coming!

And you know what THAT means right?


Time to get ripped!!

That means dropping body fat and building up muscle by eating clean and training hard.
And I have 12 weeks to do it in, starting Monday 1 September!!

Very do-able and I’m AMPED!

I really enjoy doing this – it’s an awesome challenge
and the results are soooooooo worth it 🙂

I’ll be planning my nutrition and training schedule over the next few days.
Wish me luck!

Now I REALLY need to get back to gym


It’s been weeeeeeeks …

And I’m feeling it. Clothes are tighter. Six pack is fading. Arms are getting squishy. Not good.

Even my horrorscope agrees with me:

“Take your health into your own somewhat powerless hands and start doing something healthy to get fit. For god’s sake, sweat should ooze out of your pores — not butter”

That bloody thing is always so RUDE to me (something against Aries?) – don’t know why I bother to read it really. But this time, it’s right on the munny hunny!

Hmmm … need to get back on that treadmill methinks. Urgh, I really HATE cardio training!

Luckily I’ve still got some sessions left with my Personal Torturer that I paid for a few months ago so I must must must get hold of him and set up a few more sessions. Like soon.

Before I bust my foofoo valve

Let me tell you why I am feeling SO good today! Those of you who’ve ever tried to lose weight will relate …

I had a brilliant session at the gym yesterday. I was really strong and I had loads of energy so I worked out hard, for a solid hour, no breaks. And boy am I feeling it today! Soooo sore … Everything aches … Feels fantastic =)

I also managed to weigh myself at the gym yesterday – my scale at home is on the fritz – and I was really chuffed to see I had lost another half a kg so that’s nearly 6kgs down so far and not far to go now at all. I think I also spotted the outline of my sixpack returning!

So, I decided this morning that I was going to be very brave and try on my “thin” jeans. Huge move, I haven’t fitted into them for about 2 years now. And guess what? I can friggin fit into them!! I can get them on and do them up and still breathe!!!

I am so stoked =)

I feel on top of the world! Now, if I can just get my eating right and ditch the night-time snacking, I’ll be at my goal in no time!

Woohoo!! Yellow bikini, here I come …