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About Me

This is an adaptation of my previous 100 Things About Me post, to give you a behind the scenes look at yours truly.

Here, in no particular order, are some random things about me:

  1. I hate being kept waiting – I am terribly impatient. I especially hate it people say they are going meet me at a certain time and then arrive late, I think it’s a rude waste of my time.
  2. Don’t ever crunch an apple near me – I just can’t handle the sound! It’s like fingernails going down a chalk board to me … yeugh!
  3. Never slurp your coffee/tea around me either – same thing, I get the heebie-jeebies!
  4. And I have to add that the sound of animals licking and cleaning and chewing themselves also drives me batty!
  5. I could never live without music. I like all sorts of music, from rock to alternative to reggae to folk to classical to hip hop and rap to electronic and dance.
  6. Jeff Buckley is my favourite musician – the man was a gorgeous, talented musical genius IMHO. I have a huge collection of his work and I listen to him every day. I often wonder what he’d be recording if he were alive today.
  7. Wassily Kandinsky is my favourite artist but I couldn’t tell you exactly why, I just connect …
  8. I think in colour and patterns – ever since I was a little girl, I have associated words and names with specific colours. For example, each day of the week has a definite colour to me: Tuesday is aqua, Friday is bright, leaf green and Sunday is red.
  9. I went through a really shitty, shattering divorce recently – ‘nuff said! (But it wasn’t the actual divorce so much as the reason behind it that killed me.)
  10. I lost my feet a while back – I’m looking for them (I think they’re still here somewhere)
  11. Sometimes my mojo eludes me, along with my sense of humour – I still have “bad days”
  12. I find it really hard to trust people … no prizes for guessing why.
  13. I love watching cricket, and soccer. I support Liverpool and the Cobras and Proteas. I occasionally watch cricket at Newlands, but I haven’t been for years. One of my Things To Do Before I Die is to watch a game at Anfield.
  14. I currently drive a black Polo 1.6 and I love it! Aircon and power steering are so cool =)
  15. It’s the first car I’ve bought all by myself and I’m proud of me for doing that.
  16. I’ve always been a loner, I just prefer my own company. Actually, I’m painfully shy, seriously. It takes me ages to feel comfortable with people and I give very little away in person. Sometimes I get very claustrophobic and tired around people and I need to break away and give myself space and time to regroup.
  17. I am an Aries.
  18. I have hazel eyes.
  19. I’m a brunette and I colour my hair to make it even darker. I hardly ever blow dry it, takes waaaay too much time.
  20. I have 2 beautiful boys aged 17 and 20.
  21. My youngest son’s laugh never fails to crack me up. He’s a computer and gaming fan and he’s also just discovered the joys of skateboarding and loving it.
  22. My eldest son’s talent never fails to amaze me – he’s a whiz on the sports field (ANY sport) and he’s also very artistic.
  23. I would die for them, no question, no hesitation.


  1. I have my own business in the web industry – 11 years and still going strong.
  2. My office is at home and I employ 14 people plus a few contractors.
  3. I couldn’t wait to get out of the corporate world and I don’t think I could ever work for somebody else again.
  4. There was a time in my life, in my late teens and early twenties, when I had absolutely nothing. I had to depend on the charity of friends to help me survive and at one stage I even lived in a shelter.
  5. Those tough times strengthened me and made me appreciate everything so much more.
  6. I am so grateful that I am now able to earn a decent living and support myself.
  7. I suffer from extreme fatigue and constant, debilitating migraines tension headaches.
  8. Most days, my back is on fire and I can hardly see straight. I take a LOT of Panado =(
  9. I can be very moody.
  10. I get bored ridiculously easily.
  11. I read whenever I can find the time – currently working my way through my newly re-stocked library.
  12. I haven’t updated the “My Library” page here for over a year, I just don’t have the time.
  13. I believe in God but I don’t go to church.
  14. My gran died in 1999 and I really miss her.
  15. My grandfather was Dean of UCT Medical School.
  16. I have an Xbox 360 and loads of games. My gamertag is cowgrrrl.
  17. I suck at gaming, but I still have lots of fun when I get the time to play.
  18. My favourite perfume is Ralph Lauren’s Polo Sport for Women. It’s really difficult to find though.
  19. I would love to write a book. Actually, I did start writing a book a few years ago – it was a project that my X and I started together. Needless to say, it got canned when we split up.
  20. I’m a bit of a pack rat. I tend to hang on to stuff for sentimental reasons and because I like to have things “just in case.”
  21. Learning to play the drums is one of dreams.
  22. I have some OCD tendencies – I wash my hands at least 20 times a day and I trim my lawn edges with scissors.
  23. I look pretty good in hats =)
  24. When it comes to movies, I like to be surprised or left with a puzzle to solve. Mulholland Drive fits the bill very well. But I also enjoy mindless, funny crap too – anything with Will Ferrell in. I can’t watch any movies with animals in, I just bawl. And I can’t watch any movies with Julia Roberts in, I die of boredom.
  25. I never do things half-heartedly. My philosophy is “do something properly, or don’t bother.”
  26. I try to look my best every day. I’m not one of those get-up-and-go girls. I could never start my day without making an effort to look good.
  27. I love knitting, but I can’t do anything too complicated.
  28. I enjoy making beaded jewellery. I have so many beads I could open my own shop! I wear a lot of the stuff I’ve made and I’ve thought about making some extra money from selling my creations. I’m working on this.


  1. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and I always have.
  2. Summer is my favourite season, the sun energises me.
  3. I could never survive in the UK, I’d go mental!
  4. My dream holiday is to go on another cruise in the Caribbean – I’ve cruised the outer islands and I loved every second of it. I would LOVE to go back and do the inner islands one day.
  5. Lie To Me is my favourite tv show. I also like House, Fringe, Boardwalk Empire, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries.
  6. I don’t drink very often but when I do, I normally have vodka orange.
  7. I also enjoy beer and pina coladas. An ice cold beer at the end of a long, hot day is the best =)
  8. I’m not happy with using someone else’s template on this site – I want to design and build my own WordPress theme soon. DONE!!!!
  9. I have 4 3 dogs – all pavement specials – and 2 catsboth Burmese.
  10. I have 2 half sisters – one in the States, one in Italy. I met them when I was 18 and I haven’t seen them for years.
  11. I stay in touch with them via Facebook.
  12. I love Facebook – it’s allowed me to reconnect with the world.
  13. I recently joined a gym – I try to go at least 3 times a week and a personal trainer helps me. I call him my Personal Torturer – I hate him and love him =) *sigh*
  14. My hands are always in the wars – I’m forever bashing, scratching and scraping them.
  15. I always reserve the right to change my mind. Nothing is ever set in stone.
  16. I am a secret binge eater.
  17. Grocery shopping is one of my pet hates. I actually don’t like any flavour of shopping at all.
  18. Washing dishes and cleaning are more domestic pet hates.
  19. My house is normally in a mess.
  20. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful lady who comes in every day to help me keep things clean.
  21. Sometimes I stress that I can’t keep up with all the developments in the web industry. Ok, most times … I have fallen behind post-marriage breakup and I need to get back on top of things.
  22. I know I have to keep learning new skills but I never seem to have the time.
  23. I hate telephones.
  24. I get highly annoyed with telemarketers who phone me after hours or on my cell, I think it’s an invasion of my privacy, especially when different people from the same bloody company keep calling me even after I’ve told them EACH and EVERY SINGLE time before NOT to phone me! (Did I mention that I hate the telephone?)
  25. I’m now 40! Bloody hell.
  26. Enid Blyton’s “The Magic Faraway Tree” was my favourite book when I was little.
  27. I used to have a phobia about driving – I only learnt when I was 24.


  1. I don’t like eating fish but I’ll eat any shellfish with great gusto.
  2. I can live without chocolate.
  3. But I can’t live without chutney – I eat it with everything! So if you invite me to dinner and I ask if you have chutney, please don’t be offended, it’s got nothing to do with your cooking =)
  4. My dad lives in a caravan in Noordhoek – I miss him not being down the road anymore, we’ve always been very close and he knows me better than anyone.
  5. My mom lives down the road, and she works for me. She helps me loads, on many levels.
  6. The shrieking kids next door irritate the crap out of me.
  7. I have no desire to have any more children.
  8. I am totally photophobic – I detest having my photo taken to the point where I’ll involuntary lash out and smack someone if they point a big lens in my direction … good thing I’m not famous!
  9. Part of me would like to be famous – I AM and Aries, you know =)
  10. I don’t have a middle name.
  11. I smoke Kent Menthol and I’ve tried to quit a few times.
  12. I never smoked during my pregnancies.
  13. I wish I was more creative.
  14. I’m listening to Jay-Z Jeff Buckley One Republic Seether Disturbed as I’m writing updating this.
  15. No-one knows how to waste time quite like me – I am The Queen of Procrastination.
  16. I’m also a perfectionist and that’s a really big problem sometimes.
  17. I am very hard on myself, I expect a lot from myself.
  18. I sometimes think I expect too much from other people.
  19. I know I need to learn to be more accepting and forgiving.
  20. I wear heels every day.
  21. I have a “thing” for socks – I can’t resist a funky new pair =)
  22. Unlike most gals, I definitely do not have a shoe or handbag fetish.
  23. I love my fireplace in winter.
  24. I love my pool in summer.
  25. I’d have a sea of fresh flowers around me every day if I could afford it.
  26. I have no artwork on the walls in my house YET – I decided long ago that I would only put up things created by friends and family. Getting there – have created and hung a collage I made for Son#1 and I’ve got 2 pics from my boys to frame and hang.
  27. I want to paint again – to create art for the walls and to lose myself in the creative process. Being creative and doing something practical sends me into the “zone”.


  1. I often suffer from sleep paralysis and hallucinations when I fall asleep.
  2. I often dream about my teeth falling out or witnessing airplane crashes. I have no idea what this means …
  3. I wish I had a shower at home.
  4. Sometimes I get too hung up on what people will think of me – it holds me back from living life to the full at times.
  5. I think I have extremely sensitive ears – I can hear a lot of things that other people can’t seem to.
  6. Back in the day, I trained as a catering manager and chef and cooked for 2000 people at a time. Urgh, cooking scrambled eggs at 4 in the morning or cleaning a truckload of tripe are not fond memories.
  7. I now hate cooking.
  8. I don’t really have a favourite colour, but if I HAD to choose it would probably be a deep wine red.
  9. I wear a lot of black.
  10. I can wear yellow, but only in summer when I have a tan.
  11. I have a shocking memory and I have to write EVERYTHING down.
  12. I also have an ongoing To Do List that seems unbelievably overwhelming at times.
  13. I do my best thinking in the bath in the mornings.
  14. I would much rather be uncomfortably hot than uncomfortably cold.
  15. My all-time favourite fruit is watermelon.
  16. I don’t like guavas – I think they smell like puke … ew!
  17. I’m thinking about taking salsa classes – both Son#1 and Sir G have offered themselves as dance partners =)
  18. Apparently I’m scary and intimidating … wtf?
  19. My house has almost zero window coverings – no blinds and no curtains, only in Son#1’s room – I really do need to do something about that soon! UPDATE: half the house now has blinds. Yay!
  20. Sweat peas are my favourite flowers.
  21. I really can’t stand sunflowers.
  22. I think I’m addicted to the interwebs – hard to tell though, ‘cos it is kinda my job.
  23. My current phone is an iPhone4.
  24. A big house on the beach is my dream home.
  25. I know that’s never going to happen.
  26. I can be quite pessimistic.
  27. But mostly I think I’m a realist.
  28. Although I do occasionally have spontaneous sparks of blind optimism and I can be hotly passionate about things quite out of the blue.
  29. My eldest son thinks I’m “emo”. He may be is 100% right about that.
  30. I’ve been through a lot of crap and my view of life, people, and the world in general is pretty jaded.
  31. I’m working on changing that. I’ve had enough of people and relationships. No-one is getting in.

And now you know more about me than most people in real-life do!


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