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Well, bad news … despite having a considerable lead for quite some time in the competition, I didn’t win 🙁


BEEG HUGE ENORMOUS THANK YOU’S to everyone who voted for me! I really appreciate how you guys pulled out ALL the stops to spread the word and ask people to cast their vote for the cow_grrrl. I’m stoked at how many people voted – nearly 30% of my Twitter followers and MORE friends than I have on Facebook. That’s awesome!

Congratulations to BecauseI for taking the Girl Nerdies 2010 crown 🙂

I have pledged to donate One Hundred Ronds to the charity supported by this competition – The Wet Nose Foundation – and I challenge all 19 other finalists to do the same. And for the 2 winners to donate more …

Afterall, this IS for charity and THEY must win 😀

Thank you again.

Click here for all the results.



I have been awarded a spot prize of a photoshoot with the lovely Joy-Anne Goodenough (thank you Sheena!).

My intention was to donate all the prizes if I won so I’m going to go ahead and give the photoshoot to Chris and Fiona as an engagement pressie. Enjoy, you guys x