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  1. Got effall sleep last night. You know those times when you’re semi-concious and you *know* you’re not sleeping properly? Yeah. That.
  2. So … surprise, surprise … yours truly is tired and grumpy.
  3. Day 2 of a rather spectacular headache. Dad, you were right – this totally coincides with The Great Flood.
  4. My neck and shoulders are in hectic spasm. I can actually feel my muscles jumping!
  5. I’d kill for a can of Doom right now. Damn fly is irritating the crap out of me.
  6. Just had the ultimate tech FAIL: decided to move my computer to a new spot at the dining room table. Shuffle everything. Switch on. Nothing. Panic. Try new extension cable. Nothing. Decide the plug’s blown. Try to dismantle. Call for help. Everything’s in order. Shit. Realise the power cable is not in the machine properly. DOH!
  7. Meeting with the X and an educational psychologist later to get feedback on an assessment done on Son#2 … not really looking forward to that.
  8. Only 2 more sleeps till I turn ANOTHER year older. WTF? My 20’s were a blur. My 30’s have mostly a depressing write-off. How can I be this old already?
  9. Absolutely hating my body right now. ‘Nuff said.
  10. Stressing about this whole goal setting thing – I seem to be totally rubbish at it! So tonight it’s just me and my notebook. And hopefully no headache, so I can actually THINK!