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Mmk, so my short ‘n sweet birthday wish-list is apparently just a tad TOO short … lots of people are still asking me what I want.

Hmm …

You know, this is going to sound a bit odd, but I honestly can’t think of anything!


Let me just write then, and see what comes up:

  1. I’d love for someone to help me change the dead light bulbs in my house. Shortness sucks.
  2. A head, neck and back massage would be pretty good – struggling a bit with this right now.
  3. Clean windows would rock my world too.
  4. Could do with some help sanding and treating my bench outside – before winter sets in.
  5. Flowers, flowers and MORE flowers – can never have too many!
  6. An external CD drive thingy for my little netbook.
  7. Enormous house on the beach.
  8. Gift voucher for La Senza – have literally busted out of my bras WAH!
  9. One of those big, bouncy gym balls.
  10. And books – any books – I devour everything!


That about covers it 😀

Oh! One last thing … a casual get together with a bunch of you guys on Saturday afternoon.


If you are, join me at Forries at about 3pm and let’s celebrate/commiserate together!