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… from my weekend stay at The Winston in Simon’s Town …

Opening the sliding door to reveal this spacious suite.

Parking off on the lounger on the pool deck to stare at the sea.

Being told by some random Pom Gran at the guest house:
“You look like a very beautiful version of Amy Winehouse!
And please don’t be offended – that’s a compliment – you’re rather striking and exotic.”
(Think I overdid the eyeliner!)

Relaxing on this incredibly comfortable couch to read my book.

Eating dinner on the deck at Seaforth Restaurant – the most perfect location I could have wished for.

Being treated to the SA Navy’s remarkable display of tracers and flares during Earth hour.

Looking up and marvelling at the awesome night sky.

Waking up ridiculously early and slipping outside to watch the sun rise.

Spotting my very first penguins and feeling like a real little kid about it.

Standing above Boulders Beach and feeling really lucky that I live in such a beautiful place on earth.