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So I get this email telling me that I’ve been given a FREE return plane ticket to ANYWHERE in South Africa!!

(A kind gift from Pastel and for renewing my software license.)

My knee-jerk reaction is HELL YEAH!!


The cow_grrrl has another traveling adventure to look forward to and after a brief Twitter consult, it’s decided that I’m off to Jozi!! YAYNESS =)

And. Then. It. Hits. Me.

Are you INSANE? You can’t do this chick!

You KNOW you get very homesick and who’s going to look after your animals?

What about the kids? HUH?

And apart from watching a Fall Out Boy concert at The Coca Cola Dome, you’ve never been to Joburg – you don’t know the city AT ALL!

You don’t know Sandton from Soweto.

Where are you going to stay? Do you even have enough funds to pay for a hotel?

How are you going to get around? You sure can’t drive yourself, you know.

And what the hell are you going to DO there?

Perhaps this is not a good idea after all. Perhaps you should just be sensible for a minute here and realize that you are biting off waaaaaay more than you can chew.

Hothead vs Coldfeet

The dreaming traveler in me says: “GO GO GO!”

The insecure butinsky in me says: “FOOL!”

Do you have ANY idea how frustrating this is? Pfft.

Some minds are like concrete, all mixed up and permanently set.