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(with reference to “Cycling for a cause“)

Well as you know yesterday was absolutely  truly a windy cape town day.
I awoke feeling good and in high spirits. As we maid our way to the start line I began to feel the wind steadily slowing my walking pace.

It was a good hour or so wait in the gate before i took my first pedal.
Group gg was off…and not to a flying start as the first 500m or so was the windiest of the whole course. People were getting blown over and the street was filled with leaves and other city centre goodies.

Once on the freeway the wind seemed to back off and i wouldnt be tested until boyes drive. For me this was the hardest climb of the day as the wind hit you square in the chest and didnt let up. I stopped half way up at a water point for roughly 30seconds…when i climbed back onto the bike my inner thighs were so sore i couldn’t sit down…my one and only walk
followed…+- 100M.  The wind from glen cairn to simons town created a wonderful sand storm along the side of the road given us a nice sand paper feel.

I had to stop at jubalee square at the medi clinic tent to get some thing for my upper inner thigh as it was extremely sore…nothing like a voltaren injection.

From simons town to cape point was extremely slow and i found myself hudling to the back of a group looking for any bit of shelter. As we rounded the point we cheered and the fun began. It was easy riding all the way through to kommetjie.
I was thinking to myself how well i was doing and that me riding the argus was nothing compared to what josh is having to go through.  About 1 minute later out side masipumelela my left leg went into cramp…for the first time i thought i was going to have to pull out. It took about 15 min to get over the cramp and 500m down the road i stopped for coke and enos, as well as a massage. I stopped again at the bottom of chapmans for more coke and enos.

Chapmans and were not as bad as every one says. They did take alot of focus and energy but i was definitely expecting it to be worse.

Just after lundudno the wind hit me again and didn’t let up until camps bay.
From all the cramping the tendant on the out side of my left knee has taken some serious strain.
When i arrived at the finish i headed for the medical tent to see the doctor…as i turned onto my back, my left leg went into the worst cramp i have ever had, seen or heard of. I let out a little yelp and withing 5 seconds had 5 doctors around me…even they said the cramp was really serious. I then got 2 physio students and got my legs massaged for about it was good.

Overall it was a fun ride with alot of smiles as well as pains. It was all worth it as we went well over the R20 000 target and Josh was waiting at the finish for me 🙂

Many many thanx for your sponsorship and support.

Please see below for bank details:

Joshua King Trust Fund
Tyger Manor Branch 632005
Cheque Account 4072255295

Please put reference as cycle donation and email once deposit done. It makes it easier for us to keep track of deposits and who has donated.

Once again thank you for your generous support.


Tom & Josh