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What a croc!

Seriously, if you need to be told that you have to pay your significant other some attention on a specific date, then you are a hopeless un-romantic with bugger-all imagination.

I’m sorry, but if you choose just one day of the year to declare your undying love for me – the SAME bloody day that everyone ELSE feels compelled to do the same thing – then pardon me for thinking that you’re a complete CHOP!

Don’t get me wrong here – I’m not unromantic. I like flowers and candle-lit dinners as much as the next girl. And yes, I want naughty weekends away and edible undies too … I just don’t want all that stuff if you’re giving it to me out of obligation, which is EXACTLY what Valentine’s Day forces you to do.

If you want to impress me, then surprise me! Don’t follow the flock of boring beings who need to be told what, when and how to make their SO’s feel special. I won’t buy into that inauthentic crap.

So there. WAH!