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Feeling somewhat out of sorts today – a bit cranky …

I need to bust out of it though as I have tons of work to do and I can’t allow myself to get all irritable or I won’t be able to focus properly. Gym at lunchtime should help. I hope.

Shit. I feel like I need another day to get myself together – I can’t believe its Monday already!

The weekend was pretty cool. On Saturday Sir G and I went to a wedding at Meerendal out in Durbanville … stunning setting and awesome food! (Pity I don’t drink wine or I may have been in my element as everyone was raving about the free vino.) Word of advice if you’re planning a wedding: make sure you have enough seats for everyone at the service. Please don’t make 30% of your guests have to stand for an hour, mmk? Oh, and if there’s no aircon and it’s a stinking hot day, you may want to think about getting a couple of fans into the venue so that your friends and family don’t totally melt!

I normally hate weddings but Sir G has known the bride and groom since high school and I know then both pretty well too and it was pretty cool to see two people who’ve been together for 10 years and that you know personally tying the old knot.

I *almost* succeeded in not letting my cynicism about marriage come out, but alas, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go to a wedding again and not think to myself: “Oy people, do you know that you only have a 1 in 2 chance of making it?” Yeah, I’m a right bitch that way – I just think that in general most couples take marriage way too lightly and have no clue what they’re actually in for. Wedding vows are all too often conveniently set aside and forgotten when the going gets tough. Marriage is NOT for wimps.

But having said that, this couple has been together for 10 years so they haven’t exactly rushed into it and they are both about 30 years old, down to earth people and established in their careers. So we’ll see … but marriage is NOT the same as living together and the addition of kids has an uncanny way of upsetting the proverbial apple cart.

Mmk, I’ll stop with that now … it’s not helping my mood anyway 🙂

Yesterday was spent running around grocery shopping and doing domestic chores. Booooooring!

Oh well, no more time to chit chat right now … my empire needs some attention.