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But its got squat to do with anyone else. Promise.


You know, I honestly think that in *my* case, PMS stands for POST Menstrual Syndrome! For goodness’ sake, what’s with all the grouchiness AFTER the Great Flood?

I think my body’s a bit wonky with all this hormone crap and I wouldn’t be surprised if I discovered that I somehow got a double dose in the womb … like I ran around to join the back of the queue again after I got my rations. Idiot.

And, even more freaking idiotic – I COMPLETELY undid all my hard work at gym yesterday by eating ice cream 🙁 No, not just one, and no, not even two. Hells, not even three. Nope, I had to go and devour FOUR of the farking things. I hate my relationship with food, it totally sucks. Yeah, yeah, yeah … newsflash for those of you who don’t know yet: I am a binge eater. I have a problem with food. It’s a nasteh problem that found its awful way into my life a couple of years ago. (It’s all emotional, related to swallowing crap feelings and sabotaging myself … stuff that I still need to deal with.) So I’m feeling even more horrid about myself right now. Hrmph!

Anyhoo … ONE good thing about today … my cleaning lady is back.


I can finally stop stressing about trying to be Superwoman (while failing miserably at it) and reclaim my title as Domestic Un-Goddess. Aaaah … much better!

Laterz people xxx

PS Is it just me or are there more damn flies around than normal?