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Thank Gary the Duck.

I am so ended! Mmk, I did get zero zzz’s last night (thanks to dogs, cats, mosquitoes, alarms and telephones) which certainly doesn’t help matters but I’m TIRED TIRED TIRED.

This year, although ultimately good, has been a tough one and the last 6 months have been murderously challenging!

So yeah, as much as I LOVE my work and all the fabulous people I share my business with, I am REALLY looking forward to the upcoming break … getting time to myself AND my house back for a while hehe …

Over the next 3 weeks I intend to do loads of reading, chilling at the pool, spending time with my boys, making some jewellery (haven’t done that for years!), watching a few movies (Madagascar 2 looks like fun), sleeping, watching tons of cricket, and perhaps even a bit of painting. I also have some projects I want to work on, but it’s in-house stuff so there’s no pressure and sinking my teeth into some funky new site design is just what I feel like 🙂

So, today is basically our last day – tomorrow is our Christmas lunch and then it’s a wrap for 2008! Woohoooooooooo!

Right now, I’m just taking care of a few small things, then its Christmas tree time (I’m SO not in the mood … the whole lights story just kills me bah!) and then I think I’m going to need a little snooze before tonight’s tweetup at the Waterfront or I’m just not going to make it! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some new tweeps 😀