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Indeed. Life is feeling somewhat surreal at the moment, what with all the rather disorientating reunions happening!

Friday was my mom’s birthday and I took the team out for lunch at Wang Thai and an afternoon of gambling at Grand West Casino. Also there were my mom’s brother – my Uncle Mike – whom I’ve never met before, and his wife, who are down here on holiday. Actually, I didn’t even know that he existed until a short while ago! So I met him for the very first time on Friday and yes, that was rather strange but WOW, what stunning people they are … hearts of pure gold and such a loving and warm glow about them that you just want to be in their company all the time!! Some people are just like that you know – they totally win you right over with their beautiful spirits. I’m thrilled to know this whole new side of my family and I’m  SO looking forward to spending some more time with them over the holidays.

Some snaps from champagne and pressie time before we left the office:

Mother had a BLAST at the casino … it was definitely her day and she was on top form! She managed to win quite a few sheckles, which is great ‘cos she’s been needing a new TV for a while 🙂 AND, bless her heart, she went out and bought me an awesome massaging chair thingymajig!!

So that was Friday … reunion number 1.

Saturday was the reunion number 2 … Rustenberg Girls’ High Shool Class of 1988!! I was damn nervous for this – my memories of school are not all that wonderful, to say the least and I was never one of the “cool chicks” back then. I pretty much kept to myself and got lost in my art. So I was anxious, but really excited to see everyone again. I haven’t kept in contact with many of the girls in my year, only a handful, and I virtually never see them anyway, it’s just Facebook stuffs.

The reunion was at Groot Constantia – a picnic on the grass on an absolutely stunning day in Cape Town!

Let me just tell you quickly, Sir G was one of only TWO men who arrived for the day WAHA!! There was one other man there when we arrived and you could literally see the wave of relief flood over him when he spotted another male walking up the embankment hehehe … Shame! The other guy ducked early but Sir G stayed there with me for 5 hours – he did so well in the midst of all the shrieking, kissing and hugging 🙂

Yes, it was a strange afternoon for me. It was so weird to see everyone again! It struck me that some girls (I can’t help but think of them as “girls”!) had changed SO much and others were EXACTLY the same … I think I fell into the former category – the long dark hair totally threw people off. And I’m SURE I spotted a few eyeballs popping out and rolling down the hill when people heard that Son#1 was 17!

There were more then 60 of us there I think, a brilliant turn out! Some girls had even flown in from overseas to be there, which was awesome but I think more than 50 of us who were at the reunion actually live in Cape Town. Odd. You’d think we’d have occasionally bumped into each other somewhere along the line over all those years!

I didn’t get to speak to that many people – too many for that, but I did hook up with the girls that I wanted to see and did some superficial catching up. HOPEFULLY I can stay in touch with those few in the future …

I didn’t stay all that long (much to Sir G’s relief) as I had another whopper of a headache and after 5 hours of all that intense energy, I was more than over it all. Plus, by that stage, everyone was getting nicely pickled on the Groot Constantia wines and I was probably just far too sober. Meh.

Today sees another reunion! One of my fabulous ex-employees, CosmoTit, is over here from London for a bit of a holiday and we’re all meeting up with her for drinks tonight, IF I can lose the headache. I’m seriously sore and so tired from 2 weeks of constant pain that I’m really not sure that I’m up for it. I’ll just have to see how it goes … perhaps my new massaging thing will help.

And then Thursday is another tweetup at Alba Lounge in the Waterfront YAY! More happy reunions 😀

Well, only a couple more days of work left and I still have quite a bit to do so I’m going to love and leave you for now XXX


UPDATE @ 3pm:

CosmoTit has called in sick so tonight has been postponed, which suits me just fine as my bloody head is killing me! We’ll have a get together when she comes back from her Garden Route travels …

My Shiatsu Massager is THE SHIZZ!! Thanks mom 😀

Uncle Mike has spent the entire day cleaning up my sty of a back garden for me!!! WOW WOW WOW … I’m completely bowled over by his generous spirit! Totally. Floored.

WE ARE DONE! Our final site has been coded and sent for review WOOHOO!!! Now we are just publishing (62 for the month so far) and doing a few updates. Thank Gary the Duck!

HAHAHA!!! Just found this pic on our Facebook reunion group … Sir G, the lone male – after the other chap fled the scene with a “good luck dude!”