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OMG! It’s Thursday already!!! Crap – where the hell has this week gone?

And now we have only 2 weeks till we close up shop and about 50 sites to get through before then. Shit. Shit. Shit.

So thankful for my wonderful team. Seriously.

Christmas in 3 weeks … ARGH!

I have a squeaky right shoe – it’s annoying me.

Even more annoying though is a tree outside scraping against my metal fencing and driving me completely dilly.

I really need to get outside today. Somehow. Just a few minutes in the fresh air and sunshine …

Yesterday I had to be the Bad Guy for someone. Today I get to be the Good Guy for someone. Rollercoaster.

I’m a bit worried about Son#1 … I’m sensing a shift in the matrix.

Son#2 has lice. Oh dear. I’ve just had to buy 10 bottles of treatment for all of us wah!

What to do with The Offspring during the school holidays – I’m snowed under for the next 2 weeks so feeling a bit bad. It can’t be helped though.

10am meeting.

I’ve been such a Bad Blog Buddy recently! I miss you all – will catch up when the madness is over.

Loving my new music – oh my word, the new Kings of Leon album is SUPERB – and also enjoying the new Snow Patrol and Staind.

Wondering when my new blinds will be installed. Yip, I’m FINALLY getting some window coverings YAY!

My hair looks like shit. I need to do my roots (nope, still haven’t done that!) and get a hair cut. Soon.


Have realized that I am somewhat stressed … I talked so loudly in my sleep last night that woke myself up. I only do that if I’m anxious and tense.

Starting to feel that I want someone to take care of me. Just a little bit.

What the hell does Phuza Thursday mean?