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Dear Universe,

I couldn’t help but notice that in the last few months you’ve surrounded me with people all going through quite a bit of drama – affairs, addictions, illnesses, traumatic pasts and generally some pretty hectic, life-changing situations.

While I do understand now that everything happens for a reason, I’m wondering what the deal is?

Why me?

Clearly you think I am capable of handling all these issues right now and I probably can, but let me just say: your timing TOTALLY stinks!

You’ve involved me in all this other “stuff” over and above my own shit that I have to deal with at a time of the year when I’m so damn busy I can hardly tell my arse from my elbow.

Do you have ANY idea how challenging this is for me? Since when did you assume that I have nerves of steel, the Wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Mother Theresa to take this all on and deal with it appropriately?

Eish, Universe … you sure don’t make things easy, do you?