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Oh yes 😀

Today’s the day I jetset off to Durban! YAAAAAAAY!!

My flight is at 2.45pm so there’s plenty of time still but there are a few items on my checklist that I haven’t done yet – like pack! I still haven’t really given much thought as to what clothing to take – I’ve checked the weather forecast on several sites and they’re all spitting out different predictions, with 10 degree variations in temperature!? Oh dear …

Anyway, that’s what I’ll be doing this morning – trying to decide what cow_grrrl needs in her suitcase for the next 3 days (in between sorting out my Inbox and other work stuffs), and then Sir G’s very kindly driving me to the airport just after lunch.

What I’m going to *try* and do is come back to this post over the course of the weekend, as things progress and capture all the going’s on – to keep you all updated AND to journal the events for myself 🙂 I’m also going to be uploading some photo’s to flickr along the way (well, that’s the plan!) so check out my photostream here.

And that’s the end of Part 1.

Come back and visit over the next 72 hours to catch up on my Big Durban Adventure!



Right then … it’s 12.30pm and I’m all packed and ready to go!!

Why oh WHY do I have that horrible niggly feeling that I’ve forgotten somthing!?

Oh well … tough titties I guess.