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Holy cow!! It’s been 20 freaking years already!?

I’ve just received a reminder about our Class of ’88 matric reunion for next month WAH!!!

Unbelievable … feels like just yesterday that I was wearing that revolting blue dress,
locked up in the boarding house with 3 geriatric “house mothers”, not being allowed to wear
any pants (let alone a jean-pant, heaven forbid!), devouring white rolls laden with condensed milk
and chips at midnight feasts, staying up all night cramming for tests and exams, being forced to
dress in a nun’s outfit for church every Sunday, using up every excuse in the book to get out of
Physical Torture periods, eating watered down pineapple jam on stale white bread (eewwww),
standing in line for panty inspections, trying my best not to fall asleep in assembly,
challenging the teachers I thought were complete morons, sticking toothpaste in my eyes to
fake pink-eye so that I could bunk school, being rationed to one roll of toilet paper per week
that you had to guard with your life in case someone nicked it, painting up a glorious storm
in the art room, watching Dallas, Twin Peaks and The A-Team in the common room,
cutting other people’s hair for them and applying endless awful home perms,
the joyous relief of discovering that I had passed matric and had two “A’s” under my belt.

20 years. Wow.