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I have NO idea why I’m up this early on a Sunday!

Anyway, I guess it’s not a bad thing – I have quite a mission on my hands today, what with sorting out some new office space for Chris and Sir G to work with me here in the dining room. I’ve run out of space outside in the office now WAH!

So this morning, I have to somehow convert this part of my house into a working area:

I’ve already had new plug points installed and I’m waiting for Telkom to come and put in a new jack for one of my spare phone lines – that “should” be done next week.

Desk-wise, after hunting around for something simple and reasonably priced, I learned that there is No Such Thing so I’m going with white board on tressels. Sir G is going to help me put the laminated trim on the board today. I’ve also ordered some AWESOME chairs from Ergotherapy Solutions, but they are only being delivered at the end of November so we’re going to make do with a couple of budget secretary chairs till then.

It’s going to be REALLY strange for me to have other people working in such close proximity – I’m so used to working alone! I wonder what they’ll think of my rather animated work-style? I tend to talk to “the voices in my machine” (!), laugh out loud a bit and headbang to the tunes in my ear thumps hahaha!!

But this is all temporary … I have plans to renovate and extend the existing office area next year. That is going to be FANTASTIC! At the moment it’s a real dive way too small for the 8 of us. I’ve always wanted a swanky office space so I’m really looking forward to that 🙂

Anyhoo … I guess I’d better get my butt into gear. It’s another GORGEOUS day in Cape Town and I want to get all this done and dusted so I can chill outside by the pool this afternoon. Son#1 is away at an NA camp and Son#2 is off to a skate park, so I’ll have some very welcome (and unexpected) peace and quiet … and privacy for some *cough* private tanning …

Hope you’re all having a groovy weekend 😀