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Mmk, so I’ve just received my daily dose of AstroSlam in my Inbox …

It’s a horror-scope with a twist that I enjoy because I don’t buy into blanket star sign predictions at all. This one is quite cynical and usually points out negatives and shortcomings but its sometimes good for laugh =)

My AstroSlam for tomorrow says:

“Your boring routine will give you the blues today. Switch it up by blowing off work (or any responsibilities you have for that matter) and pretend that you’re someone else for the day; ya know, someone interesting and worth talking to.”

Hmmm … nice idea!

So, who would I be? Who’s “interesting” and “worth talking to”?

Firstly, I would choose to be a guy – NO MORE PREENING!!! Gosh, I’d save like at *least* an hour of my day!

Secondly, I would need to define what an “interesting” person is …

Some say that it’s someone who’s INTERESTED.

Do you agree? Or is there more to it than that?


What does “interesting” mean to you? Who would you consider “worth talking to?”