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It’s been a while since I

Had such a mind-blowingly revolting headache as this one

Went to gym

Bought myself any clothes or shoes

Slept late

Felt at peace with the world and his wife

Put brush to canvas

Didn’t feel weighed down by responsibility

Read a newspaper

Gave myself an increase

Turned on the stove to cook a meal

Could switch my mind off

Stayed up late to work into the night

Weighed this much

Felt like a pioneer

Didn’t feel like someone’s personal bank

Went to a movie

Had this kind of workload to deal with

Danced up a storm

Had a holiday, or even a day off

Felt smart

Walked into my kitchen to find it hadn’t been trashed

Didn’t feel like every day was a test

Liked what I saw in the mirror

Gave myself a manicure

Made some jewellery

Studied anything

Partied like a tart

Had 24 hours to myself

Felt excited about my life