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YEOWZA!! Work is *pumping* 😀

8 9 10 12 13 17 18 (now, as at 3.40pm on Tuesday) New clients this week already!!!  Holy Mother, we’ze going to need some serious energy to cope with this load ERK.

And besides the normal “stuffs”, I have a rather lekka project kicking off today, plus 2 more lined up for November, so things are going to be a bit crazy for a while …


The only bummer is that I have the roofing guys here today to start stripping my roof so it’s helluva noisy – every little grain of dust falling sounds like a damn boulder about to crash through my ceiling. It’s *somewhat* distracting, to say the least. I’m listening to some loud tunes to try and drown out the noise. (You can follow my musical activity here.)

[Actually, the last time they stripped tiles from my roof to repair a section, they DID put a hole through my ceiling! I really hope that doesn’t happen again … but I checked it out with them and they will assume 100% responsibility for that and cover all repair costs if there’s an accident like that.]

Yeah, I gotta hand it to Leith Roofing – they’ve really come to the party since my blog rant and I’m really pleased to see how they’re taking my negative experience seriously and turning it around into something that will ultimately provide them with a positive marketing spin, because I shall of course write about how things are going with them!

Sooner or later, all of us in business will encounter an unhappy customer and being able to listen to them and take appropriate steps to change their perception of your product or service is a great test of character and well worth the effort. Those “turned” customers normally go on to be your best word of mouth assets …

Anyways, that’s it for now … I need to go push some pixels … Laterz xxx


UPDATE: 12.45pm

One times hole appears in kitchen ceiling. Meh.