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Mmk, before you all go thinking that I have some sexual identity crisis, let me just say this:

I AM 100% WOMAN.

But sometimes, I wonder if I accidentally got into the wrong queue when male and female brains were being handed out, especially after the results of this test showed that I am 98% likely to be MALE waha!

No, seriously, I AM all-chick, but there are quite a few bird-like behaviours that I don’t subscribe to …

  1. I hate shopping. I’m not kidding – I *really* hate it. It’s tiring, it’s expensive and it’s ridiculously b-o-r-i-n-g!  In particular, CLOTHES shopping. OMG, I dread that … browsing, trying on stuff AAARRGH. So yeah, I haven’t bought any new clothes or accessories for years. About the only things I can tolerate going shopping for are books, games, music and gadgets. The rest just sucks.
  2. Housework is just the biggest drag ever. I can’t stand it … it takes something rather special for me to wash the dishes or do a load of laundry – an insanely bad mood can spark me off. Thank heavens I have a fantastic Char Lady to help me ‘cos I don’t think I’ve used the vacuum cleaner this year hehehe …
  3. I don’t cook. Yes, I *can* cook (I worked in catering and spent time training as a chef) but I have better things to do.
  4. I really like beer.
  5. Girl Talk. Don’t go there, just don’t. I’m not interested.
  6. Kid Talk. Again, don’t start. I really couldn’t give a shit about the colour of your kid’s snot. (And BTW, all babies are fugly.)
  7. And don’t even *think* about trying the whole “he said, she said” thing on me. That’s guaranteed to push my Zone Out button.
  8. Burps and farts have zero impact on me … go head, try it!
  9. Primping and preening – OMF! *What* a waste of time! I like to look decent every day though, so I do take time to get ready and stuff, but I HATE it. The worst part – drying my damn hair and trying to make it look like anything grrr.
  10. Chick flicks. SIES! Gimme some shoot-em-up action movie over soppy, unrealistic happily-ever-after crap anyday.