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Apart from following a twedding tomorrow (that’s pretty freaking special!),
nothing too thrilling is happening …

I have six 6 boxes of books to unpack onto my brand new shelves, plus:

The weather here in Cape Town is going to be good so I want to clear my
very sad looking braai out and use it!

This is my jewellery that’s been packed up for ages … I need to get my pin boards up
and hang everything so I can see what’s what (I made most of this stuff BTW).

Yip, serious root touch up required!

Some Xbox-ing … going to dish out some major PWNDAGE to Sir G AGAIN waha!

Oh my hat!

I may be crippled after that, so these will come in handy …

And OF COURSE, what would the weekend be without some of this hey?


Especially YOU, Mr McD – all the best for your wedding tomorrow 😀