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This afternoon I’m off to go and see a chiropractor … I reckon this is probably way up there on my list of Last Resorts to try and find some relief for my poor fuxored back, neck, shoulders and head!

So far, absolutely effall has helped so, yeah, I’m really pinning my hopes on this.

A couple of folk have recommended I go and see one of these people so I’ve put my skepticism aside and am taking the plunge. My rather negative attitude to chiropractors is inherited methinks – my grandfather was a medical doctor (professor) and Dean of UCT Medical School and he was always very old school – totally anti anything that wasn’t 100% scientific and all that. A lot of his beliefs have filtered down to the rest of us. Plus, I’ve heard some incredible WTF stories about chiropractors messing up patient’s backs permanently.

But, at this stage, I’m ready to give anything a try! Wish me luck …

The chap I’m seeing is a medical doctor though, so I feel a bit more comfortable knowing that but (My bad, he’s not actually) I have no idea what to expect.

I mean, do I have to strip down? Is it gonna hurt? Will I be ended afterwards?


UPDATE: 2.50pm

I’m back!

Good LAWD!! I seriously had no idea my poor body was so screwed up. Or that it could make so many loud cracking noises 🙁

He said things were *very* out of place and my back, neck and shoulders were doing all sorts of odd things to compensate for the displacement, which then in turn creates the lame arm and adds to the headache story. He reckons I may have injured something many, many years ago (perhaps while dancing or playing sport?) and that my body has been trying to cope with the strain of the injury ever since and just getting worse and worse.

Makes sense, I guess …

Anyway, it’s feeling much better – definitely not hundreds, I’m still battling to breathe properly as my rib cage is not completely where it should be yet. He told me that I may feel really tired for a couple of days and I must just listen to my body and s-l-e-e-p (no argument from me there wah!)

I’m going back to see him on Monday.