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Don’t ask me why. I honestly couldn’t tell you. It just is. Always has been.

For as long as I can remember, I have associated each day of the week with a certain colour … if you mention a day to me or I have to think about a day, I immediately visualize a coloured block.

And if I have to think about a whole week or more – either behind me or ahead of me – I see the blocks laid out in a pathway, getting smaller and smaller until vanishing point is reached.

Anyway, enough of my weirdness …

Actually, I think I’m a bit over tired – I had a pretty crap night thanks to a prolonged wailing cat fight down the road in the early hours of the morning. It didn’t involve my babies though – they were under the duvet with me. So, I’m a bit knackered and I woke up with a *killer* headache too. The perfect recipe for extreme irritability. Urgh.

And I stepped on the bathroom scale this morning. Beeeeg mistake! Uh oh – it seems like all my hard work from last week has now been nullified. Dammit. I need to get Operation Yellow Bikini back on track again, especially after seeing Mark and Melissa tweet about their awesome progress … feeling AWFUL *sob*

I also had one of those ghastly I’ve-got-effall-to-wear mornings. I’m SO tired of having to dress for these arctic conditions … I feel like such a frump! Seriously, I’m sitting here in a bloody SNOW JACKET! Grrrrr … I mean … Brrrrr … Lawd, I wish summer would hurry up already. I’m really looking forward to NOT having to blow dry my hair every morning (what a time waster!) and to putting a bit of colour back into my pale and pasty self.

Right, enough griping. I need to go make some coffee – gotta warm up a bit!

Later …