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Son#1 has not been happy at his current school for a number of years now and raised the matter of changing schools with his dad and I last week. He wanted a fresh start, away from the influences of his previous life and the opportunity to focus on school work in a caring and supportive environment.

I was incredibly relieved when I spoke to the X about this and he acknowledged that this would be a good move for our boy. (He has been completely against this idea in the past.)

So Son#1 and I have just been for the interview at the new school … and … he got in!!

I am SO crazy proud of him!!! He handled the interview BRILLIANTLY – he was totally upfront with them about EVERYTHING and the lady we spoke to was quite taken with him 🙂 Normally, they don’t take on new students half way through the year, but when she heard his story and saw how pretty decent his previous report was, she made an exception for him. WOW. I think the clincher was when Son#1 VOLUNTEERED to sign a contract with the school, agreeing to random urine tests on the understanding that if anything positive showed up, he would immediately be sent back to the clinic.

Apparently quite a few ex-clinic kids have been through their halls and they have a close relationship with the facility. That makes me happy – it means they really *get* the situation.

And she totally put his mind at rest with regard to being able to catch up on the work he’s missed these past few weeks and being able to pass well. *whew* He’s going to have to work his backside off but they are SO coming to the party with all the structure and support they are offering him!

I’m so stoked for Son#1. He really needed this break and this is going to be the PERFECT environment for him to thrive in!

He starts on Thursday 😀