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Mmk, so it’s Friday.


Yes, for a change 🙂

It’s actually been a pretty good week on the whole and I feel like things are coming together a bit for me. I can look back on the last 7 days and see progress – both personal and business progress – I feel like I’m getting somewhere!!

Nothing too earth-shattering, but the wheels, they are a-turning …

Firstly, I just have to tell you how enormously proud of Son#1 I am. Oh wow, my boytjie is handling so well. His attitude and behaviour is inspiring!! He’s taking responsibility for his life, for his own growth and for his own safety. He’s 100% committed to being clean and stable and he is acknowledging where his danger zones are and what he needs to do to avoid them. That’s huge! It means a complete turn around from his old habits and lifestyle and he’s making it happen. I’m looking at what he’s doing to make the required changes in his life and I am immersed in love, admiration and respect for him. He’s SO getting his shit together!

And my baby, Son#2 is cooking with gas dude! Yeowza but that child is blossoming 😀 I’m thrilled to see him coming out of his shell at last. Skate boarding has been his ticket to a new life. Seriously, he’s so passionate about it and he’s made so many new friends because of it that his confidence levels are *soaring*. I’m so happy for him.

JOC, my new PA, is ROCKING!! Sheesh … this young lady is taking SUCH a load off my shoulders. Honestly, if you are even toying with the idea of getting a PA then take it from me – the investment is sooooo worth it. She is totally taking care of all the shit that I seriously don’t have time for. It’s freed up so much of my time and energy and I now feel that I can focus on the things that REALLY need my attention, and the stuff I WANT to do.

One of the things she did for me this last week was sort out my fuxored Xbox!! And not only did she organize a console swap, *somehow* she managed to get them to give me an ENTIRE new system that came bundled with 2 wireless controllers and 4 games! Yussee … I’m such a lucky brat hehe. I have 2 of the games already, but I can just trade those. My 2 new games are Gears of War and Mass Effect … pretty cool hey? And yes, I kept my old drive so I haven’t lost anything 🙂

Now that I have more free time, I’m getting my teeth into the business again, sorting out strategies to take us forward and it’s all VERY exciting! And I’m planning to renovate the office too. Long overdue – the place looks like a shit hole. I have a vision for it, I just need to document it, sketch it out and see what the builder has to say. He’s coming on Tuesday to have a look and quote on the job. Logistically, it’s going to be a nightmare – we’ll have to all move inside the house while it happens which is not going to be fun. Physically moving everything, finding space and sorting out all the phone and network cabling is going to be a huge challenge … BUT, it *must* be done – that’s one very sick office out there and I want my people to work in an inspiring environment. JOC and my mom (who works for me too) are going to climb in and help out on that one.

Then there’s my training and diet. I finally took the plunge and dived into Operation Yellow Bikini! It’s not going too badly, although I must confess to not training as much or as hard as I would like to do. I think I’m going to have to get in touch with my Personal Torturer at the gym next week and setup some appointments. Then I’m *forced* to go and train my butt off (no pun intended). The good news though is that my eating has improved drastically! Yes, I still snack at night, but I’ve stocked up on biltong, nuts and carrots instead of raiding the “cookie jar”. I’ve not drunk any coke since Sunday either, which is brilliant! I’m sticking to my water, tea and the occasional glass of fruit juice. And in just 5 days I’ve managed to shed a centimeter or two. YAYNESS!

And this weekend is my weekend “off” – it’s the X’s turn to look after the boys. I didn’t have any plans and I wasn’t really looking forward to wasting my weekend. I could have just worked or studied I suppose, but that’s not really my idea of maximizing my free time. I want to get a life remember? So yeah, my bad, I didn’t arrange any social activities. But then, just as I thought it was all going to be terribly dull, Sir G suggested that we go out for some drinks tonight. A friend of his has recently opened a place in Rondebosch so we’re going to make a turn there 🙂 And THEN, he surprised the hell out of me … he has organized a trip to … wait for it … a SPA …

Oh my hat, he’s booked me in for a deep tissue massage tomorrow!!!! How ridiculously sweet is that? He says I can just sleep, or read or do *whatever* for one whole day – no worries, no stress, no distractions, nothing. I’m looking forward to that so much *sigh* … again, I am SUCH a lucky brat!

Sheesh … TGIF 😀