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After Friday’s drama, I swore that Son#1 would not be going back to that place if I had anything to say over the matter. I was seriously pissed at them!

Anyway, I took him to see his psychiatrist (Shrink Man) on Monday morning and explained what had happened and put forward my plan to contain and keep Son#1 safe until we could agree on the best way forward. Shrink Man was somewhat shocked at my story but agreed with what I had proposed. He also said that he wanted to call the clinic to get their side of things and get back to me.

So he phoned me back a few hours later after he’d spoken to them and said that although he wasn’t at all happy with the way Son#1 was handled, he thought it would be a good idea for my boy to go back there yesterday for few hours to “wrap things up” with them.

Mmk. No harm in that I guess, if Son#1 was willing … actually, I thought it was rather a good plan ‘cos Son#1 was feeling very lost and I didn’t want him to give up on himself just because somebody else had behaved like a complete pratt. I agreed with Shrink Man that it would be beneficial for Son#1 to get some kind of closure from the clinic. But I left the decision up to my boy, I was NOT going to push him around and make him feel like an emotional pinball, thought he’d had enough of being bullied for a while.

But he decided to go!

And that’s where he was yesterday – at the clinic, sorting stuff out with them. I am SO proud of him. That took some serious balls!! He put his hurt and stubborn pride aside and took a GIGANTIC step forward … for himself, by himself.

So now, the plan is that he’ll be there until the weekend as a day patient and then he’ll attend their After Care on Wednesday afternoons. (It means I have to carry the extra cost, but the X has promised to pay me back for everything I’ve paid thus far in December.) There are also rumblings about another Family Session, probably for next week. Urgh … not too sure what to think about that.

Son#1 will carry on seeing Shrink Man twice a week, stay in touch with his sponsor and go to at least 2 NA meetings a week too. I’m also going to make sure he gets to the gym regularly from next week so he can build his fitness up again.

School-wise, he’s not ready to go back yet, not for at least a week, but in the meantime we are organizing for tutors to come in to help him catch up on all the work he’s missed and make sure he has a solid grounding for Term 4 at school.

So that’s it! Not all bad I reckon?