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Urgh … 2 bloody hours at the hairdresser having my scalp burned off, listening to the crappiest of crappy radio stations – Kfm – enduring the PAIN of Celine Dion and Enrique, only to discover after all that, that the friggin’ colour did not take at root level!!


Are you SERIOUS???!!! What the hell?

So I had to sit there for ANOTHER hour while they re-applied my darkest-brown-with-a-touch-of-auburn colour. Thank goodness for my Tweeple, would have DIED of boredom without them!

Not amused grrrrr

And for that wonderful pleasure, I had to fork out six hundred ronds! Eishness.

After that I had time to grab a quick sarmie (Marmite FTW!) and then dash off again for my hygienist appointment. Half an hour later and *another* few hundred ronds lighter, I’m finally done with all that!

Sheesh, what a day! Good grief, but grooming is hellish expensive and time-consuming! Thank heavens I only do all this once or twice a year … I seriously could NOT go through that torture any more often than that! So over it.

My Inbox is now toast and I’m *way* too pooped to start tackling it …